Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top 9 Things that WILL NOT be cut from the SC Budget

9) The prison help at the Governor’s Mansion, hey we are paying those guys less than min. wage anyway, right?

8) Jim Rex’s executive staff at the SC Department of Education. After all, making sure those folks get paid is all about the kids, or at least their kids having moms and dads that get paid.

7) The SC DOT. A Sanford friend has to earn until the last minute for him and his.

6) The SC House Speaker’s travel budget. If the Governor can go to Argentina, we gotta let ole Bobby go somewhere, right?

5) The amount of money spent on state employees at the highest levels, but hey Rex Rice is gonna make sure we don’t pay for abortions, so ain’t we conservative?

4) The salaries and expenses of the top employees of the SC Budget and Control Board. After all, if the state does not pay them more for the little work that they do, they might tell people how silly their agency is.

3) The budget for the Hunley project. Glenn McConnell does love to play dress up and we had better make sure we pay out for it. We in SC do not need McConnell being angry at us for not getting him the best costume to play dress up in.

2) The every important Green Bean Museum, championed by Mr. Greenbean himself, Hugh Leatherman.

1) The super secret, code word budget of the Department of Commerce. We gotta give those guys a blank check to get investment. So what if it is akin to paying five million dollars for the bullet Barney Fife carried in his shirt pocket? Sanford says we gotta pay it to his buddies, right?


  1. what do you have against green beans?

  2. Nip it in the bud! LOL

  3. Ha ha found a way to post on your "blocked" website. Mr. McCarty, did you really think a patootie like you could keep me silent?

    You are sad, pathetic little man who does not value green beans.

  4. Mr. McCarty, I take great offense at your post. The SC Department of Commerce works hard with counties and others to bring jobs to SC.

    Sure, some deals are secret, but they are secret for the greater good.

    You are obviously ignorant of how economic development works.

    Someone commented on another post that you should stick to hick town stuff. I agree. You are woefully ignorant of how things really work.

    Who is paying you?