Thursday, February 04, 2010

We don't give a damn about your sex life

The debate about the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regards to homosexuals serving in the military is heating up in the Congress. Both sides have their points. However, something that is missing is the notion that most of us really do not want to hear about other people’s sex lives.

To VUI, some gay guy who comes in talking Monday morning about his gay sex life is on the same level as the family man who brags about what he done with his wife or the single guy who talked about the latest girl he picked up at some bar. Frankly, we do not care. We do not want to hear about it. Frankly put, most Americans do not care to hear about your sex life unless they are sexually involved with you. The rest of us give less than a damn.

Frankly, most of us do not want to hear about your sex life at our drinking holes, much less at work. A few months ago, at a drinking establishment, a recently divorced guy came in. He bragged about what his latest date did to him and he did to her. Most tried to ignore him. But, one old guy listened attentively, and then when the recently single man was finished, the old guy took a swig from his bourbon and said, “Well, I see why your wife left you now, you got no class.”

That old guy sort of summed it up. If you have to talk about your personal sex life to everyone you have no class. You have no respect for yourself or your sexual partners. Most folks with any sense of dignity do not talk about what they do in the bedroom, period. That is a private matter.

Some gays find that stand offensive. They want to be in someone’s face about their homosexuality. What they fail to realize is that most of us don’t care to hear about it. We also don’t care about the straight guy who does cocktail waitresses two at time. It is arrogant to think your sex life really matters to the rest of us.

Try this policy on for size. Keep your private sexual life to yourself. Just do your damn job. Keep the conversation at work and even at the bar to non sexual things. If you can do your job, and make some sense talking about politics or sports, stick to that. VUI does not care what you do in your bedroom. We just do not want to hear about it. Whether you just had sex with some guy down the street or the cheerleader from high school you always dreamed about, we don’t care. Again, just keep it to yourself.

People talk about freedom and the freedom to be who they are. So be it. But the rest of us have the freedom to not hear about your sex life. Trust VUI, most people don’t give a damn who you are having sex with. Most people, especially in the workplace, worry about getting things done. People, straight or gay, who dwell upon their sex lives, just get in the way of that.

Even in this internet age, one’s sex life ought to remain private. If you want to talk about sex, go to a porn website and enjoy yourself. But, please, spare your fellow workers and even fellow bar drinkers of what you are doing. As said before, most of us don’t give a damn. Besides, the more you talk, the less most of us believe you.

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