Thursday, February 04, 2010

We remain at war

With everyone worried about the economy, the Super Bowl, and even Jenny Sanford’s tell all book, it is easy to forget that the United States is at war. Over 128,000 troops are serving in Iraq. Over 48,000 are serving in Afghanistan.

Those troops serving are real human beings. They have lives and families. Some have been deployed to their area of operation more than once. Their families serve with them as they endure long absences of their loved ones deployed.

President Obama and his Administration do not dwell upon those troops as former President Bush did. After all, candidate Obama promised an end to such things, but reality hit him hard when he became President of the United States. Troops deployed have actually increased in number since President Obama took office.

While President Obama’s actions in regards to troop levels are sound national security policy, they show the political weakness of candidate Obama. Thus, the Obama Administration has shifted the conversation elsewhere. Perhaps that is practical politics. But, the glaring fact that the United States is still at war remains.

So VUI asks you to do a simple thing. As you are making preparations to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, take a moment to pray for those folks who are fighting for your right to watch that Super Bowl in peace. Tens of thousands of American young men and women are still standing and fighting for freedom thousands of miles away. They are fighting in a war that it is waning in political popularity, but still remains essential to protecting the freedoms we all enjoy.

President Obama gets the fight we are in, and has kept the course, by and large, President George W. Bush set. Regardless of how we feel about the President’s domestic agenda, we need to support him and our troops as they keep the fight against Islamic fascism alive.

Regardless of political party, America stands for freedom. President Obama is correct to keep up the battle against terror. We should all pause and honor those troops that are on the tip of freedom’s spear. Thank you troops, for the job you do. Thank you to soldier families, for your sacrifice and dedication. Some of us remember we are still at war.

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