Monday, March 29, 2010

From the staff: Top 9 things about chemo

9. Chemotherapy, come on! Is this best we can do medically speaking?

8. Cancer! It sucks, big time! And, almost as bad as our current Congress.

7. Guts! People say, I must have a lot of them. Must be true, I seem to puke them out quite alot.

6. Apple sauce is a good comfort food, when first getting over the after effects of chemotherapy. After third week of chemo, scratch that, now I can't stand the stuff. O.K., you just have to find stuff that doesn't make you gag; after seeing it, smelling it or tasting it. Uckk!

5. Oh, I don't mind losing my hair, because there is no pain involved with that process.

4. Sorry, pale is my new color.

3. How is possible to have constipation and diarrhea all in the same day, and at the same time (setting).

2. No, I'm not hungover, but I sure feel like it!

1. O.K., I get it! If I don't take it, I will surely die!

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  1. 10) If Brian McCarty is going through chemo, let him suffer. He is such an asshole.