Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God, violence and politics

Though it is only Tuesday, the week between Passover and Easter is proving to be one ripe with religious violence. First, there was the Islamic terrorist attack on Moscow commuters. Russians were simply trying to get to work when they were attacked by Muslim extremists with bombs packed with bits of metal to make human beings suffer.

Then, in the United States, news came of out of Michigan of the federal authorities busting up a plot by the extreme group Hutaree. According to published reports, the Hutaree group twisted the Bible to inspire a plot against police officers. Allegedly, the group planned to fake a 911 call, kill a police officer, and then bomb that police officer’s funeral to kill more police officers. All of that, of course, was to be done in God’s name.

The Islamic extremists who attacked innocent Russians are evil. Those who plot to kill police officers in the name of Christ are evil. No one who kills innocent people in the name of God does so for God. They are tools of evil. They are nuts.

However, there is something politically to note. The American left has a double standard when it comes to evil people who hide behind God. The left blogs and activists are hot about the Michigan group, quick to label them as “Christian” and blame the conservatives in the nation for it. Some liberal bloggers even blame Republicans and commentators like Glenn Beck for the Hutaree group’s demented plan.

But, when it comes to calling Islamic extremists for what they are in regards to the killing of innocent Russians, the left is almost silent. President Obama condemned the attacks, but he did not hint at the religious nature of them. Liberal bloggers and commentators run from the word “Muslim” in regards to the attacks and instead describe the terrorists as “separatists.” They further fail to note in most of their remarks that the leader of the “separatists” in Russia is a man named Doku Umarov. Umarov is a man who wants a Russian Islamic emirate and encouraged Muslims to kill innocent people in Russian cities. Umarov wants Islamic law to rule, and under that law many of the liberals in America would be put to death.

So, why does the American left pay so much attention to a handful of religious nuts in Michigan and virtually ignore the Islamic extremists who actually kill people and want to kill them? It is a combination of the liberal logic and pure politics. The liberal logic dictates that liberals embrace nonsense as long as nonsense does not conform to what has been generally accepted as reasonable. The pure politics part is that, to the properly indoctrinated liberal, the conservative movement and the Republican Party must be maligned and destroyed by any means possible. To the properly indoctrinated liberal, politics is their God. And, for that God, all must be done.

Thus, a situation is created in which those of us with common sense see both the people who claim to be Muslims who kill innocent people and the people who claim to be Christians who plot to kill police officers both as bad people, while the left is filled with commentators who ignore the former and dwell on the latter in order to serve the left’s religion: pure politics.


  1. You are woefully ignorant of what the real world is. The government of the United States is ran by a Muslim who prays to a Jewish Pope.

  2. I agree anon. Brian McCarty is pinko RINO who does not get that God needs for us to be warriors, not wimps like him.