Monday, March 08, 2010

GOP Governor's Race is wide open

For several months now, the conventional political wisdom has had Attorney General Henry McMaster as the odds on favorite for the Republican nomination for Governor of South Carolina. Learned pundits of South Carolina politics suggested that McMaster might win the nomination without a runoff.

Perhaps that could still happen. However, a recent Rasmussen poll indicates that the Republican race for Governor is turned into a wide open affair. According the poll, the numbers of support were as follows: Attorney General McMaster 21%, Lt. Governor Bauer 17%, Congressman Barrett 14%, and State Representative Haley 12%. Undecided currently holds the lead at 29% and "others" bring in 9%.

According to the Rasmussen poll, 38% of the vote in the SC GOP Gubernatorial primary is up for grabs. That is bad news for McMaster. Though the McMaster camp sent out an email spinning their lead, they can not be happy being in the position that they seem to be in. Though it was a smart move to get out ahead of the spin on the poll and declare it as good news, the inevitability factor McMaster had is now gone.

With so many votes up for grabs and the actual support for each candidate so relatively close, the Governor's race for the GOP nomination is very interesting. McMaster will probably finish the primary with a spot in the runoff. The other spot in the runoff is certainly up for grabs.

It will be interesting to see how the campaigns spin the numbers and other polling numbers that come out. one thing is certain, if the Rasmussen poll is accurate, South Carolina Republicans are in for one heckuva race for Governor.


  1. The Quinn machine has to spin this. Foghorn Leghorn is in trouble, I say, I say boy, he is real trouble.

  2. I'm all in for Andre but I think these poll results are troubling. 43% unfavorables are not good. Basically means he is almost assured of making the runoff but will lose when he gets there. This is pretty much an entire media-driven view of Andre.

  3. This will be a race between Gresham and Andre. Henry McMaster is an absolute idiot. He may not be third in this race. He absolutely screwed the party during his tenure, and has screwed up every case he tried as the AG.

    He is a joke as a politician and leader.

    I like Gresham and Andre'. I think I will vote for Gresham.