Monday, March 22, 2010

The President got what he wanted, but does America want it?

The President of the United States and the Democratic leadership in the United States House got what they wanted late Sunday night. By a vote of 219-212, the so called health care reform bill, championed by the President and virtually written by big lobbyists was passed.

The bill was unprecedented. The President of the United States cancelled foreign trips and even went to the Capitol on Saturday to push the bill. President Obama staked his credibility on the passage of the bill. The President got the passage, but at what cost?

The bill, despite the sunshine and light statement of the President after its passage, does not give his core supporters what they want. The bill also flies in the face of the right’s interpretation of the constitution. Frankly, over the next few days and weeks, the members of Congress who voted for the bill will finally find out what was in the bill that they voted for. Lawyers stand ready to litigate on behalf of states and individuals.

Perhaps never before in American history has a bill that so effected so many Americans been passed in a strictly partisan fashion without consideration of future litigation and the like. The President wanted it above all else, and he got it.

But, just what did the President get? The President got a bill that seems to be written by health care insurance lobbyists. Even Presidential supporters like Professor Cornel West talk of how the President “cut a deal” with big insurance. With the side deals to members of Congress and goodies for the insurance companies, without addressing the real costs factors of health care, the President got a bill that the American people did not want and frankly will not do what the President contends it will.

Assuming that the President is an honorable man and actually believes in the bill that was passed, it appears that President Obama is incredibly weak. That weakness was symbolic on Saturday, when President Obama was treated as if he was just some Congressional leader at the press appearance on Capitol Hill. The President even spoke from a lectern that donned the seal of Congress, not his own seal.

Indeed, with the way the President cancelled his trip, and played the part of the salesman on Capitol Hill, it seems that on the issue of health care that the Democratic leaders of the legislative branch, and the lobbyists who line their pockets, rule the day. Now, it rests with the judicial branch to defend the American people from this seemingly unconstitutional violation of the American people’s lives.


  1. The people of America are pretty stupid. Obama and the Democrats did what was best for them, even if the stupid people at Wal Mart do not understand it. Geez. You Republicans celebrate stupidity. Sometimes people need someone else to run their lives because they are too stupid to. It saves us all money.

  2. Proud to be gay in SCMarch 22, 2010

    I agree SC Dem. Ignorant morons like the guy who writes this blog are against things like gays have the right to be married and happy.

    It is clear that gays and liberals are smarter then Christians and Republicans. Let them stew in their stupidity while we progress.

  3. Ok, proud to be gay, call me stupid. But, should I pay your health bill because you couldn't resist the guy in the bathhouse who had AIDS?

  4. Brian McCarty is dumber than dirt.

  5. Amen, anon, I am sick of everyone thinking McCarty is some kind of guru or something to be dealt with. Who cares what you think, Brian McCarty? Write to yourself, you asshole. And, get rid of the "nice guy" routine. We all know you are an asshole.

  6. I guess I am bi. Why? Because Obama is a man and Pelosi is a woman and both of them can kiss my ass.

  7. JTW, I feel you, brother. Brian McCarty is a blowhard. He lives off a name he built years ago. Whatever Brian McCarty done in the past, now all he is some guy who lives in a little house next to a funeral home whose beer and liquor consumption drive the Honea Path economy.

    I would feel sorry for him, but he is plotting to run against our great county council woman Cindy Wilson. Do not be deceived. If Brian does not run as a Republican, he will run as a petition or write in candidate. We have our sources and we know this.

    Do not think he writes about Obama to write about Obama. He is trying to deceive you to his secret plan to rob the people of a great leader like Cindy Wilson. Brian McCarty is a fraternity brother of Joey Preston and Henry McMaster. That should tell you how the AG's investigation will go.

    But, do not fear, Rick and I are watching. We will keep you free from this has been.

  8. What interesting comments. I thought this post was about the health care bill.

    Good writing, Mr. McCarty, you nailed what Obama and the Democrats face. As for some of these comments, I guess those of us outside of Anderson County know now what you face.

  9. Good analysis on the health care for anderson....if i had a sister in a whorehouse and brother in anderson...i would get my brother out first...anderson is a messed up place.

  10. It will be 2019 before people get coverage. Nine years! You are right, McCarty, Obama is full of it.

  11. Josh wins the blog comment of the week award!