Monday, March 29, 2010

Run for re-election, Gresham

Gresham Barrett has two days or so to do the right thing. Though Barrett has spent the past year or so running for Governor, people in the Third Congressional District need him to stay on the job.

Congressman Barrett has done a solid job for the people of the Third Congressional District in the United States Congress. But, let's face reality. Barring some unforeseen changes to the race, Barrett, however qualified, is not going to be the nominee for Governor. The race will be decided by voters on the coast and in the midlands, not in the Third Congressional District. If Barrett runs for Governor, he loses, and the people lose his voice.

If Barrett checks his gubernatorial ambitions and runs for re-election to Congress, he would win in a walk. The field to replace him is, as an old great uncle of mine stated once, a fight between piss ants to get the better piece of the watermelon rind.

Good men are running for the Third Congressional District seat. Rex Rice and Jeff Duncan are current SC House members seeking the post. The list of others makes one think that his dentist might file next. Frankly put, the field is filled with sincere candidates who are politically weak. The winner will have no major traction and will likely face a tough race two years from now.

Barrett, on the other hand, is an experienced conservative hand in Washington. Like him or not as a gubernatorial candidate, Barrett has a proven record as a conservative Congressman. Gresham Barrett is a proven leader for conservatism in the US House.

That is why VUI encourages Gresham Barrett to give up the Governor's race and instead run for re-election. The people of the Third Congressional District need a conservative leader like Barrett representing them in Congress. Barrett will not be Governor. That assessment is sad, but true. But, Barrett can continue to serve by running for re-election to his seat in Congress and by doing so spare the people of the Third Congressional District of two years of a weak member of Congress.

Chances are VUI's advice will be ignored. Barrett will run for Governor and lose. The people of the Third Congressional District will end up with their dentist or some state representative that they have never heard as their Congressman. The only thing worse would be having Bob Inglis as our Congressman.


  1. Neal Collins for Congress

  2. Oh my Gawd cracker. A brother spends some time in the man's custody and you are talkin' how great of a Congressman pale ass Barrett is. That cracker is so pale, even his wife tells him to pay the tanning tax to get some color.

    My President done and went and made health care for all of us, and you talk this shit. Good Gawd.

    Did I get of jail to read this shit?

  3. Another thing, cracker. I ain't supportin' any Congressman who wants to do away with the tanning bed tax.

    My President knows that brothas like me want to do a pale ass white bitch, not some fake coca butter bitch. My President knows if that ass is pale, it is ripe for brotha to nail.

  4. You should told Gresham this about a year ago. He is toast. Gone. A lost cause. Whatever you want to call it. Barrett will not even make the run off. Go Nikki Haley!

  5. When Gresham Barret takes the oath of office as Governor in January, I will see that one the first things he does is to declare you a "never was" in SC politics and order your pathetic little blog to be shut down.

  6. Bauer for GovernorMarch 30, 2010

    Don't worry about anon, Brian. You got a better chance of being Governor then bailout king Barrett. Barrett will be selling used furniture in Wahalla in January.