Saturday, April 10, 2010

The AG's race and Wilson's law enforcement support

Back in 1994 when General Stan Spears first ran for the post of Adjutant General, his campaign had a simple slogan his supporters would repeat over and over: “Ask a Guardsman.”

The campaign made sense. Asking people whose lives and service to the state are impacted by the election of a public official was pure political genius. “Asking a guardsman,” the people of South Carolina elected then Democrat Spears in a banner Republican year. Guardsmen know who will work with them and lead them the best.

So do law enforcement officers. When it comes to picking the state’s top prosecutor, they know who they indentify with and who they think has the experience and leadership skills to lead the fight against crime and protect the public safety, which is, in the end, the most important job of the Attorney General.

The office of County Sheriff is where the rubber of politics and law enforcement meet the road. County Sheriffs know what they need from the state in their fight for public safety and they have the political savvy to not waste their time or their name on someone who will not deliver what is needed.

It is striking that Alan Wilson has gained the endorsements of 29 of the 46 County Sheriffs in South Carolina. The support is across regions, party lines, and population numbers. No amount of money or slick advertising and highly paid consultant tricks can rival such support from the people that fight in the trenches against crime every day.

The staff of VUI is not officially joining the Sheriffs and endorsing Wilson. But, the staff is united in that Lord lost us with his exaggerated resume that was unnecessary, and frankly, we never hear anything about the other guy running.

Further, VUI is big fan of law enforcement. As such, when a race like Sheriff, Solicitor, or Attorney General comes up, we take a page from the old Stan Spear’s campaign and “ask a cop.” And, when it comes to Sheriffs, getting 29 of them to agree on a candidate is like herding cats. One has to give Wilson credit for the talent of building such a coalition.

That said, it is a long time to June. There are those, especially those around Lord, who see the Attorney General’s office differently. Lord is well funded and will wage a blistering campaign considering those in his camp. The Wilson campaign should expect and prepare for the worst from Lord. VUI predicts that the Lord camp or someone supporting it will talk about how liberal sheriffs are before the campaign is over. Such might seem crazy, but it is about the only hand they can play after Wilson put together such a coalition of support. You can bet someone in the Lord camp is looking for something bad about one of the Sheriff’s who endorsed Wilson. Further, look for Lord to shift the campaign to business. It is his best shot. In other words, it is going to be one helluva race. VUI will be watching closely and commenting.


  1. You lie!

  2. Of course Lord can say that Wilson could not get 2/3rds, so it is not "overwhelming." What is overwhelming that you omitted is that of the 1/3rd who are not committed to Wilson, NONE have endorsed anyone else. So where he currently sits with over 60% of sheriffs, he sits with 100% of the sheriffs who have committed at all. The fact that not one sheriff has endorsed either of the other two says more.

    Of course, none of the 29 sheriffs ever served as the minority staffer to a senate subcommittee, which is "one of the most important law enforcement offices in the country."

    Wilson and Bolchoz may not have flashy commercials or big money donors, but at least they are honest about their experience.

  3. Be careful about telling the truth in the AG race, you'll miss out on all that Lord advertising dollars.

  4. Be advisedApril 11, 2010

    You really should not be upsetting Mr. Lord. He is a powerful man in the SC Bar. You better remember that. And, Cahaly does play for keeps.

  5. Real RepublicanApril 12, 2010

    Where do I start. So what if Barney Fife likes Joe Wilson's son? What has the boy done. He prosecuted a few cases on a job Joe got him, then he went to Iraq, came back home and married Miss WIS. Joe's boy talks about his combat experience, but was he ever really going to be put in danger?

    Then there is you, the so called, not paid for honest blogger. Where do I begin with you? You worked for Joe Wilson at his law firm. You did not write it on your blog, but I remember about 9 years ago when you said to a group of people you were proud to have worked for Joe Wilson and you wished him well in Congress. You even wrote a letter to the editor to The State supporting Joe Wilson. It is in the archives.

    No wonder you would be so supportive of his son for Attorney General. We in Anderson County know you, Brian McCarty, for the liberal RINO you are. From Ronny Townsend, to Joe Wilson to now Alan Wilson, you always stand with the Democrats who hide in our party.

    We got your number, redneck. You even wear ties twice.

  6. I can't believe I am commenting on a comment. Calling any Wilson a RINO is absurd. Lord has never done anything with the Republican party and is a Delaware undergrad educated, southern equivalent of ivy league law school, and married money RINO if ever there was one.

    If you chastise McCarty for supporting Wilson years ago in his first run for Congress (where he got 70% of the vote in the primary and general election) you must also look at the field where he was the only "real republican" running.

    If you associate McCarty with Alan Wilson becuase he worked for Wilson's firm as a clerk, you MUST associate Lord with his law partner Bob Coble. As the law firm's managing partner, Lord in turn manages the uber liberal Coble, who is also a registered lobbyist for Democratic causes. Google Bolchoz and you'll find that with AIG he personally donated to Senator Dodd. Calling Wilaon the RINO in the race is just ignorant.

    Finally all the Lord's children keep talking about how powerful Lord is and that he will get those that get in his way. Yeah, that's who we want as attorney general with the state grand jury and the power of subpoena and ability to bring criminal charges.

    Finally, you state Wilson had a "few" criminal cases (nice finite number) which is exactly a few more than Lord's big fat zero.

    This is the attorney general's race. Bring some facts to the cause and keep some sort of logic. Threatened repercussions only prove the emptiness of the campaign. McCarty has written two well developed articles on the race, one that legitimately questions Lord's reasoning for exaggerating his resume and an ious powerful statement about the support of law enforcement.

    Keep the comments on the issues, not on idiocracy.