Thursday, April 15, 2010

Days of our Sanfords

They are the wealthy folks with the hillbilly soap opera lives that just will not get out of South Carolina headlines.

A month or so after divorcing from Governor Mark Sanford, Jenny Sanford is openly dating a Georgia businessman. So much for mourning the loss of the marriage.

It is just another punch in the public battle between Jenny Sanford and her ex husband the Governor of South Carolina. It is sad to watch as a human being and embarrassing to watch as a South Carolinian.

Further, just as attention turns to who will be the next Governor, the Sanford's have to be in the media. One wonders if primary day will have a Jenny Sanford "date" photo.

Days of our Sanfords will finally be canceled in January of 2011. But, until then we have to realize the fact that the Sanfords will just not be ignored. Perhaps it should be a lesson to us voters to be careful about our choices at the polls.

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