Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Does ol Henry really deserve it?

The first ads are out on television for the Henry McMaster for Governor Campaign. Those ads tout McMaster as the old Republican who has a great resume and stands up against Obama’s healthcare plan. It is a tried and true Republican Primary tactic. Republicans feel obligated to the old guy who has paid his dues.

McMaster is that guy. So was John McCain. So was Bob Dole. Henry McMaster served as Ronald Reagan’s U.S. Attorney for South Carolina back in the 1980s before becoming the GOP sacrificial lamb to Democrats Fritz Hollings for the U.S. Senate and Nick Theodore for Lt. Governor. Then, McMaster became the South Carolina GOP Chairman before getting elected as Attorney General. As Attorney General, McMaster touted big issues such as the prosecution of the HomeGold crimes while also being quietly ridiculed in the office by professionals for his eccentric mannerisms.

The public sees McMaster as the old GOP warhorse, those who worked within the Attorney General’s office see him as detached, save for his passion to make sure attorneys and others log in their computers at set times and have documents securely fastened in their file folders. One former staffer for McMaster told VUI, “the guy is nuts, he came around and picked up file folders and shook them to make sure every document was securely fastened. But, if you asked him about a particular case, the guy knew nothing.”

VUI does not think the Attorney General is nuts. We at VUI recognize that discipline has its place and we further commend Henry McMaster for taking on the likes of HomeGold. That said, McMaster’s campaign of “deserving it” is in trouble.

Let’s go back to other famous GOP candidates who “deserved” it. John McCain won the Presidential nomination in 2008 because he deserved it. Bob Dole did such in 1996. Both lost the General Election by a wide margin.

While South Carolina is not the nation as a whole, choosing to nominate someone because they are the old guy who deserves it could prove just as dangerous. Henry McMaster has some glaring weaknesses that could be exploited by a talented Democratic candidate in the Fall. McMaster has a lifelong Republican resume, but in order for him to earn the GOP nomination, he will have to deal with those weaknesses in the coming weeks of the primary.

So far, the McMaster camp all but ignores those weaknesses and instead chooses to play the “the old guy who deserves it” card. That might win McMaster the Gubernatorial nomination, but come the Fall, the weaknesses of McMaster will be front and center. Conservatives who doubt his true dedication might not vote. Swing voters might be turned off by his lack of substance.

Indeed there is a reason why a candidate such as McMaster, who should have been an overwhelming favorite to win the GOP nomination outright now faces a fluid primary race. McMaster has to stop running on his resume and start running on what he will do. South Carolina voters will forgive any alleged eccentricities if McMaster has a substantive plan for what he will do. If McMaster simply stands on his resume, the alleged eccentricities will become real news stories and his candidacy will limp along, with the nomination fight and the General Election, in question.


  1. You are far too kind to this fake Charleston accent, crazy nut. McMaster is an idiot. He is 0 for whatever in the Supreme Court. He is a joke. Shake those files, Henry, and go home in June. Thank you for your service, now please, just go.

  2. General McMaster is a great man. A far better man than the playboy Lt. Governor or the stupid Congressman from the upstate. It ain't even fair how much smarter he is than Nikki Haley.

    If there is hurricane coming, I want General McMaster calling the shots.

  3. I, for one, have seen the old GOP dogs of this state add debt and expand departments; it is time for a change in the Republican approach to leadership for SC. McMaster has his “here now- gone later” southern accent augmented by his bought and paid for campaign fund, Andre has been up to his old tricks avoiding casting his once a year tie-breaker vote because he was MIA from the Senate, Gresham has been touting the GOP party lines to the already converted and according to rumor-splitting sheets while doing so, too, While Haley has been speaking her mind it is no wonder the boys decided to re-appropriate her ideas into their words. It is time for a change in State leadership; the old GOP dogs have had their chance for 20 plus years, let's see what the lady can do.

  4. Anyone who has been in public office long enough to think he deserves a "promotion" to governor needs to just retire and get out of our faces.

    McMaster is a proven do-nothing. If he should happen to win, do not expect a d---d thing out of him as he kicks off his retirement by propping his feet up on the desk in the governor's office.

    Nikki Haley is the only one any rational voter can believe would fight for the people of this state--she already has a record showing that she can get things done from the relatively infinitesimal platform of a state representative.

    Just think of what Haley could do with a real bully pulpit as governor. Only an activist such as she is can have any real power as governor since persuasion is about the only power left to the governor in South Carolina.

  5. you are damn right Henry deserves it. He is the man, the myth and the legend. Just ask him.

  6. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    I have met Henry McMaster on several occasions, and my family knows Mr. McMaster very well, and I can guarantee you all that he will run this state into the ground if he is elected. The man is an idiot, and is completely unfit to be the governor.

    Here's a history lesson. McMaster was a scum attorney in South Carolina for decades before he became Attorney General, and he used very unethical practices, to say the least, as an attorney. He was a bad attorney, and I wouldn't classify him as a good, honest man that we deserve to represent us. He is power hungry, and has slowly been biding his time in an effort to become governor of South Carolina.

    I have only scratched the surface in describing this man. My family and I have already talked and decided that if Mr. McMaster wins the candidacy, we will be leaving the state of South Carolina. This is both a sad and necessary measure. I also advise each and every one of you to leave this state if McMaster becomes governor. This man will truly ruin this state, and none of my family are going to stay around and watch him destroy a state that we have loved our entire lives. I sincerely ask you to vote for ANY candidate in the South Carolina governor's race other than Henry McMaster. Thank you.