Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Does this group have no shame, no sense of decency?

The City of Charleston has received notice from an out of state group that the cross at the memorial at the fire station that suffered the 9 lost fire fighters in the furniture store fire of a few years ago must come down or the City of Charleston will be sued. The Wisconsin based Freedom from Religion Foundation is ready to sue.

On some level, that is fair enough. There are always wealthy people with nutty ideas who fund groups that hire people to carry out their fringe agendas. Some of those people are true believers; some of them just need a paycheck. So, when one comes across some of the fringe groups, there is always the thought of, well, they got make a living.

However, there is the type of selfish crazy view that just cannot be bought. According to published reports, the attorney for the Freedom of Religion Foundation is arguing that the efforts to memorialize the Charleston Nine are a “sham.” Those folks appear to believe that is all part of a plot to promote the Christian religion by the City of Charleston. Using their logic, the federal government wishes to promote religion by offering crosses, Stars of Davids, and crescents to fallen US soldiers in military cemeteries.

It is a classic tactic of a fringe group out of touch with reality. Attack something that seems sacred to a community, such as memorial to fallen firefighters, and get attention and a sense of self importance by making the people of a community spend resources and time on your agenda. Such acts are bigoted, selfish and insensitive. Such groups are what they claim to fight.

And, just what does the Freedom from Religion Foundation fight for? There are references to free thought on their website. Who is against that? But, when you dig deeper, you find they seem to want people to think like they do. Again, that is the tactics of fringe group. They talk about justice and freedom but only for liked minded people. It is interesting that their efforts appear to be against Christian faith more than others. If one looks at their website’s news section, it is pretty clear. That’s their right.

But, the rest of us have rights as well. If the Freedom from Religion Foundation really believes that the City of Charleston’s efforts to honor the Charleston Nine at their station house is a “sham,” they should not sit back and threaten to sue and issue press releases, instead they should have the courage and the honor to come to South Carolina, meet with the survivors of the Charleston Nine, look them in the eyes and tell them that the efforts to honor their loved ones is sham. Anything less than that and the word “pissants” comes to mind.

If you can not pray for the Charleston Nine and the survivors because you do not believe in prayer, that is your right. But, at least, have the sense of decency and shame not to drag an effort to honor fallen firefighters into your myopic and self centered worldview.


  1. 666 go nuts rednecksApril 28, 2010

    Go ahead and pray to your pretend friend, idiot. I will let science rule my life. As for the firefighters, does a symbol of your pretend friend really honor them? I think not.

  2. Carl BranyonApril 28, 2010

    666, you are the idiot. You have not respect for the dead. Leave your real name if you have the guts.

  3. Let them call 911 after this ...

  4. So a bunch of Jesus loving high testosterone morons ran into a fire. You think that justifies you rednecks imposing your religion on the rest of us . And, I do not care about your redneck supreme court and what they ruled. It is against the American way to impose your religious views on us. Those firefighters you so reference did not die for Jesus. They died because they were trying to be He-Man.

    And for all you rednecks who love your firefighters in South Carolina, why do you make it so hard for them to unionize? Collective bargaining can do much more for them then Jesus.

    You people in South Carolina are so ignorant and backwards. No wonder you honor firefighters with a mythical figure instead of giving them better pay.

  5. I read this blog, but usually do not comment. But, where do I start with this?

    First, my husband is a volunteer firefighter. You sorry ass people pass out drunk with a lit cigarette and set your house on fire, and he goes in after you. You start a meth lab that goes bad, and the father of my children goes in there to save your sorry ass.

    So far, thank God, I do not know firsthand what the families in Charleston go through. But you better thank your sorry ass that "He-Men" like my husband are good enough to risk their lives to save your sorry asses.

    And, if God forbid, something happened to my husband, you can bet that if you came to my home and told me his memorial was a sham or that his faith should not be recognized, I would throw you out of my house, if my 11 year old son did not get to you first.

    What is wrong with you people?

  6. What is wrong is you Becky. You think that because your husband is a Christian fireman he deserves to be honored. Well, not really. Most southern fireman are hateful in their race and religious views and against basic human rights. I bet your husband would not like having a gay man serve with him or a Muslim serve with him.

    You are the typical trailer park wife, Becky. Good for you. But, the rest of America sees you and your husband for the religious bigots and homophobes you are. Keep reading McCarty's blog and dress your son in the Hitler costume.

  7. Mike is proof that McCarty does indeed let idiots freely post their comments.

  8. I'll pay the first installment of fifty bucks cold hard cash to Brian for releasing the IP address and personal info of "Mike" to Becky's husband...

    Anyone else with me?