Monday, April 19, 2010

Is anyone really paying attention to the Education race?

Superintendant of Education Jim Rex had a rough week. First, his campaign fundraising for his race for Governor is dismal. To many Democrats, Rex made a mistake running for Governor instead of re-election.

The second blow to Rex is perhaps why he chose to run for Governor instead of re-election. The South Carolina school and district report cards for the past year are now finally out. Rex called the reports “sobering.” VUI calls the reports disturbing. The reports suggest that South Carolina public schools are regressing, not improving. Add to that failure the increased cost of administration and how in these tough budget times, some administrator is paid six figures while good teachers are let go. In short, reports and budget gimmicks to protect bureaucrats have left our public schools in the worst shape that they have been in decades.

For the above reasons, it is likely that Jim Rex will lose the Democratic nomination for Governor, as frankly, he should. But, the people of South Carolina seem so detached from the race for who replaces Rex.

There are Democrats and Republicans running, and in the near future, VUI will address those candidates and the issues involved. For now, VUI chooses to dwell upon the fact that the race has no attention. South Carolina schools are in crisis, and even the politically active in both parties have a hard time even naming the candidates, much less intelligently advocated for one.

It is part of the unplugged nature of this primary season. But, with the failures of our public schools now front and center, it is time for those of us who keep up with politics to do some work and find out about the candidates and make a way for the people to care about what happens with public education. For whatever reason, down ballot statewide races do not seem to matter to people today. But, no job is more important than the job that deals with public education. We will be on it, but that will not matter unless you do your homework as well.


  1. I do not have to know the name of the GOP candidates to know what they are for...taking away money from the cash strapped public schools to pay volvo payments for the rich folks who send their kids to private school or fund those afraid to let their kids interact with other kids by home schooling them.

    Get over it, rich racists. You little brats will have to live in the real world one day, and guess what, they might meet a black person or hispanic person. To hell with the racist Republicans. If it was up to them, there would be no public schools.

  2. SC Dem, I agree with you on one point. Close the public schools. To hell with you people who live off the government teet.

  3. Republicans and Democrats can agree on this. Jim Rex is a failure. Rex won his office because he was up against that idiot Floyd. Rex did nothing with his win. Forget tax credits, Rex is what is wrong with public education, period. He defends the bloated administrations, the things that make teachers run from the profession. Rex as Governor? Good grief.

  4. It is too bad we live in such a GOP state. Karen Floyd is an idiot, backed up by some fat guy. Your leading candidate for Ed. Super. needs her curling iron and reputation back from that geek of a Comptroller General. Things people in SC will elect because they are afraid of gays and blacks.

  5. SC Dem - your ad hominem ignorance speaks ill of you.

    And yes, it is sad that the greatest attention this race has received is resulting from the Kelly Payne / Eckstrom thing.

    There are some serious candidates, worth hearing.

    Nelsen & Zais are impressive individuals for instance.