Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Is Harry Reid creepy on the campaign trail? You betcha

Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid is in the political fight of his life. The United States Senate Democratic Majority Leader is hitting low marks in Nevada state approval ratings and is running against a slew of candidates who have filed against him. The sheer number of candidates might help Reid in the end, but as Reid hit the campaign trail this week, his greatest liability, his mouth, has hit again.

Published reports out of Nevada have Reid once again going off the deep end. Reid, of course, is famous for touting the President of the United States' strength as a “light skinned Negro,” a remark that was published in a recent book.

Reid did was most Democrats do and went after Sarah Palin, quipping about her use of the term “you betcha” and the fact Palin wrote notes on her hand. Fair enough.

It is another remark that sort of creeps the staff of VUI out. The reporting of the remark comes from the website Here is their take in its entirety:

“In one of the stranger moments on the campaign trail today, an audience member at Comma Coffee in Carson City asked U.S. Sen. Harry Reid what he is doing to encourage immigrant women of child-bearing age to come to the United States.

Reid began to launch into a serious answer on immigration and then paused.

"Let me answer it this way: I'm not opposed to sex," he said to a few moments of silence before the crowd began laughing.

Reid then gave a shout out to Tiger Woods, who is attempting a come back after being caught philandering.”

If Harry Reid the closet racist did not creep you out, then Harry Reid the sex machine has to. What a bizarre answer to a bizarre question. Remember Reid is the leader of the United States Senate. While VUI knows that Nevada is party central, when an elderly United States Senator gives his take on sex, you betcha it’s a bit creepy.


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  2. Reid for PresidentApril 07, 2010

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