Friday, April 23, 2010

Isn't it evil to kill innocent people in the name of God?

The Rev. Franklin Graham was disinvited recently by the United States Army from appearing at Pentagon Prayer Day. The reason stated for the disinvitation was the fact Rev. Graham called Islamic terrorists evil and that he dared to argue that Jesus Christ died for their sins as well.

That offended the mainstream Muslims who supposedly condemn the murder and cowardly deceitful acts of Islamic extremists. That offense was so strong that the Army told Graham he was not welcomed at the Pentagon Prayer Day. After that, several others who were invited have declined to attend.

While there are some atheists out there who crow over such a move by the Army, they should note it was not for them, it was for Islam. Our leaders have become so afraid of offending the religion of Islam that we the people are losing our freedom to be free from that religion.

Think on it. The federal government has in the past granted and currently grants money to artists who depict Christ and Moses in a derogatory fashion. Yet, networks, funded by private money, are pressured to not air even an image of the Islamic prophet Mohammad, for fear of what Muslims might think or do.

Now, Franklin Graham, a man who has spent much of adult life through the ministry Samaritan’s Purse feeding the hungry and clothing the naked and bringing needed medical care to those in need, is told he is not welcomed because he dared to speak the truth.

And, let’s face it, when it comes to Islamic terrorists, it is true that they are evil. How else can one describe a faith that hides behind God to glorify the killing of innocent people just because they do not share your faith? Western Civilization moved past condoning that kind of evil centuries ago. Western culture once moved into an age of enlightenment, brought on by the religious freedoms espoused in the United States, which pushed aside things like the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem witch trials. Now, it seems our leaders deem enlightenment as catering to those who are offended when we call similar acts by Muslims for the evil that they are.

Even if one does not share the Christian faith, there is something wrong with all but demonizing a man like Graham, who has again spent his adult life helping people, not blowing them up, in order to cater to people offended by him calling evil for what it is. Some will argue for tolerance. Fine. VUI has no problem tolerating the Islamic faith, as long as those who practice it join the rational people of the world in condemning as evil and barbaric the terrorist acts that are done against people who simply do not share the Islamic faith. Yet, the fact remains that the treatment of women, children and those of different faiths is barbaric in most Muslim ran nations.

In their nations, let them do as they will. But, in the United States, lets us not be tolerant of the intolerant and cater to the Islamic fanatics to the point in which we are not free from their religion.

The situation is remindful of an old story. A man ran over snake one day with his car. The man felt guilty about running over the snake, and as he was tolerant and loving of all things, he brought the snake into his house, and nursed it back to health, changing his house to make the snake more comfortable. Once healthy, the snake bit the man. The man, puzzled, asked the snake, “Why did you bite me, I catered to you, I did everything you needed me to do to make you comfortable and bring you back to health.” The snake replied, “You fool, you knew I was a snake when you took me in.”


  1. May your camel spit upon you and goats take away your virgins.

  2. Ahkmed the Dead TerroristApril 24, 2010

    Infidel! I kill you!

  3. Your party certainly takes the snake's POV when gays try and reach out to religious communities. Just ask the Catholics, the LDS Church, and the SoBaps.