Friday, April 09, 2010

Jesus is gay and President Obama calls me every day for consultations

There is controversy in the Lone Star State. According to published reports, a Tarleton State University student wants to put on a play that portrays Jesus Christ as gay. The usual groups have aired their usual remarks. Gay rights folks love the idea. Christian groups hate it. The play is going to be performed in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The idea among fringe gay rights activists that Christ was gay is nothing new. It has been one of the stretches of historical truth in their propaganda arsenal for some time. Other historic figures such as Abraham Lincoln have also been called gay by fringe gay groups. Mainstream gays just sort of go along with the historical twists.

Such historical revisions are pure political propaganda. There is no historical evidence that Christ or Lincoln were gay. Indeed, there is more historical evidence that the inner circle of the Nazi regime were homosexual or at least bisexual, but do not look for any plays about that. Indeed, if anyone starts to ask for historical facts or points out the Nazi issue, one is quickly labeled a bigot or whatever. The truth is lost in the hate that looks to label others hateful.

That said, there are certainly great contributors to history, literature, music and the arts that were and are gay. A gay man broke the German code in World War II for the allies.

VUI frankly does not give a damn about people’s sex lives. What is troubling is that some gay rights activists think that the rest of us care about their sex lives to the point that they can hijack history and portray an historical or religious figure as gay as some sort of personal statement and then expect that people just accept the distortion.

There are always people who want to project their values and their lifestyles upon great names in history. What is troubling is when people pick and choose historical figures to project upon and then call those who question such as hateful. Think on it. Picking on Jesus is easy for someone in the academic world. A play about Jesus being gay only offends Christians and the sense of truth. That is expendable for a political point for the far left. A play about Muhammad being gay would not be as acceptable by the fringe Left, for it might offend Muslims, who are somehow, despite their radical element that would kill gays, protected from such distortions about their main religious figure. In the liberal left world, that makes sense.

This is the United States of America. People are free to put on a play portraying Jesus Christ as Gay. The rest of us are free to call it untruthful propaganda used by people who want to project their own values in an exaggerated way. But, watch out, the Left will call you someone who hates gays, even if all you are after is holding someone historically accountable. To the far Left Gay fringe, freedom of speech means that they can say anything and be free from hearing anyone question them. Truth matters little if it interferes with their agenda. Those who speak out against that agenda must be ruthlessly attacked.

Such has happened before in American history. The Ku Klux Klan projected their fringe views upon Christ and used Him and the figure of the cross for their propaganda. A hundred or so years ago, good people were afraid of the consequences of challenging the Klan’s twisted view of Christ. So it is not a surprise that another fringe group would use Christ in an untruthful and ruthless way to promote their agenda in the 21st Century. Some group in Michigan touts Jesus to plan to shoot policeman, and some fringe gays try to portray Christ as gay to justify their lives. That is what fringe groups do. They try to hijack the name of Christ for their own agenda. We should not be afraid to hold them accountable.

There is no evidence that Jesus Christ was gay. From his teachings, Jesus certainly did not want the hate filled cross burnings the Klan did in his name or for some fringe group in Michigan to plot killing policeman in his name. All that gives such people time in the national dialogue is deceit backed up by ignorance. It makes one wonder who is next? Will Gandhi be portrayed as gay next? Mother Teresa? Perhaps even Ronald Reagan? I gotta end this, Barry is calling.

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