Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 9 last words

While death is certainly nothing to laugh about, sometimes the last words of those leaving this world and assuming room temperature are. Here are some of the best the staff has found.

9) “I am as healthy as the Democratic Party.”

8) “I don’t have time to go through this checklist, let’s just go ahead and take off and get in the air.”

7) “Brakes and helmets are for pissants.”

6) “Shoot, you can grill with charcoal and propane at the same time. I will prove it.”

5) “Sixteen beers make me drive better.”

4) “Hey ya’ll, watch this.”

3) “It is just chest pains, give me another beer and I will be alright. Leave me alone.”

2) “Check out the raunchy cartoon of Muhammad and Robert E. Lee I just posted on my facebook page.”

1) “Relax, baby, your husband is not going to be home for hours.”

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  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2010

    Are you a serious political writer or a comedian? You can be both in a hick town like Honey Path, as your mayor pronounces it, but to be taken seriously, you got choose one or the other, hillbilly.