Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Watch out for Bauer

A few months ago, the Governor's race was Henry McMaster's to lose. Most pundits saw McMaster as the odds on favorite, with Gresham Barrett being a potential challenger because of Barrett's financial war chest.

The latest financial disclosures in the Governor's race paint a familiar scene with those who have lined up against the Lt. Governor before. After all the heeing and hawing and pushing and pulling, McMaster, Barrett and Bauer are all virtually tied in funds on hand. Haley trails them, but she still has the Sanford network behind her.

In other words the race is as fluid as ever. That is were Bauer thrives. Four years ago, with the Governor against him, a traffic ticket scandal, and an airplane crash, Bauer took the underdog role and defeated one of Caroll Campbell's sons for the GOP nomination, and with the party divided behind him, went on to defeat Robert Barber.

Eight years ago, Bauer was considered the underdog against respected State Senator David Thomas for the GOP nomination, yet beat him. Then, Bauer defeated respected state Senator Phil Leventis of Sumter for the Lt. Governor's post.

Bauer's string of upsets began when he knocked off long time state representative David Wright back in the 1990s.

Frankly, the race for Governor is too fluid to call it for anyone now. But, this is where Bauer wants to be. Bauer likes being within shooting distance at this point. All the issues surrounding why Mark Sanford did not turn over the Governor's chair to him seemed to have subsided in rank and file voters and donors.

Bauer is in his zone, now. The man has never lost an election and has the knack for coming on strong when it counts. Again, VUI is not saying that Bauer will win, but we are saying watch out for him. Bauer is in his element.


  1. Bauer is a man of the people, and when push comes to shove, the people vote for the man they can count on! Go Andre!

  2. The whole "stray dogs" controversy-by-design and the subsequent use of it to launch his campaign theme was a tactical stroke of genius by Bauer's team. I can't tell you how many "tea party"/grassroots conservative types I know that were either undecided or for Grooms and are now liking Andre a lot more. I also find that lots of Haley supporters seem to have Andre as their second choice...good for him if and when it comes to the runoff.

  3. Gwen said....He is the man for the job. I have followed his career for many years. I have never donated a penny for the governer's race before but have for ANDRE'. I think that he is of the people and for the people. Go ANDRE'

  4. Andre will prevail. There is none other more dedicated to the state and the people than Andre Bauer. What the press neglects to tell you in the " Great speeding scandal" so many years ago is that he was on his way from work to work. Working over time as usual for the people and for the state. All these years and all the press and his opposition has ever been able to "DIG Up" is Andre the speeder.... That alone should tell you all you need to know. There is none other that works harder or that is more dedicated than Andre Bauer. He fights his way to the finish line, he always prevails. He has earned every position through his hard work and dedication to THIS STATE. Earning every step of the way, to serve the state of South Carolina.
    ~~ Judy Lennon Blythewood SC