Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back before Lord's handlers got to him

We at VUI have been addressing the rather insulting way the ads and mailouts by Attorney General candidate Leighton Lord seem to exaggerate Lord's resume in all but claiming he has hands on prosecution and law enforcement experience.  Such a stretch is insulting to the men and women on the front lines of law enforcement and the men and women who prosecute cases to bring criminals to justice.

A few months ago, Lord sat in a interview with WIS.  In that interview he described how his lack of prosecution experience was not a big deal and was frank about how his so called "law enforcement training" his ads tout now was limited to working for a Congressional committee.

My, what a few months and taking the advice of shady consultants can make.  Take a look at the Leighton Lord of a few months ago and compare him to the guy on the ads his big money is airing today. Why does a man with a resume like Lord's conduct a campaign that exaggerates his resume on law enforcement?  Frankly, we do not know.  Some say it is because Republican primary voters want to hear about law enforcement experience with a candidate for Attorney General.  Others say some clients that Lord represented in the civil side of things could come back to haunt him.

Regardless the reason, South Carolina is being presented with two very different Leighton Lords.  The first one, from months ago, is a man who thinks his managerial experience matters most.  The one now is willing to stretch his resume in a campaign.  Watch the video below and decide for yourself. Again, we at VUI wonder why in the world such a man would allow his campaign to stretch his resume on a particular item when he has a strong resume in the first place.  It is disturbing.

Indeed, just watch and listen to the first lines of the ad Lord is running ad nausea now on state television.  See it below and compare it to the mailouts and radio ads.  The Lord of today is claiming to be something he is not, for no good reason.  The Lord of a few months ago had better sense.  Even if Lord wins, he leaves in the wake of any victory the insults of law enforcement officers and prosecutors who are growing increasingly bitter about his ad's implied exaggerations.


  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    Did Lord got to the SC Police Academy? Did he graduate from Quanitico? If not, this guy can shove it.

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    You are rather dumb, aren't you Mr. McCarty? What do you want, some Barney Fife type to be AG? Most deputies and police officers in SC are pretty stupid. I will take the smart guy over them. What do you want, Lord pulling over speeders in Pelion?

  3. Soccer MomMay 26, 2010

    God, he is so good looking. Who is that little bald headed guy you support?

  4. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    You have a dangerous obsession with Lord, don't you?

    Stop with the man crushing. It is gross.

    You need to support the real candidate in this race... BOLCHOZ.

    He is the one we can depend on!

  5. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    I am fascinated by the Lord-aphobes who attack you in the manne rin which they do. Rather than logically explain a position or deny it with facts, they attack everyone else as fat, bald, or jeolous.

    There is an old lawyer adage: When the facts are against you argue the law, and when the law is agianst you argue the facts. When both are against you, just argue. They cannot argue the facts or the law, and with nothnig left to argue, they just throw as many cheap shots as possible.

    Great article where the guy started off with the truth and credibility for at least half the office he seeks. Now he loses all credibility. Money cannot buy the truth, nor can cheap shots make him credible.

    Both Bolchoz and Wilson bring credibility, have stuck to the truth, and maintained integrity. I favor Wilson, but would sleep at night if it was Bolchoz. Lord will say anything, and cannot be our state's chief legal officer with a loose grasp of the truth, o ability to manage his own campaign, and of questionable ethics.

  6. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    At first I jokingly said "where did this guy come from" then heard Delaware.

    I then asked if he really thought being a Senate staffer was law enforcement, and then saw his serious commercials claiming yes.

    Knowing the sad state of our education system, I am afraid to ask if our state is stupid enough to elct him.

  7. AnonymousMay 27, 2010

    Man crush? That is insane. McCarty has no man crush. That is left for Spanky. That is how he rolls.

  8. AnonymousMay 27, 2010

    Lord is more "polished" than Sanford, but hte same old thing. Talks a big deal but has never achieved anything that he did not marry into.

    Buy titles, get appointments where you never have to do anything but use to the title embellish your resume (Senate staffer and Santee-Cooper), act like you are local when its just another outsider using out of state money and big dollar friends to get into office.

    Wasn't 8 years of Sanford enough?

  9. AnonymousMay 31, 2010

    Hey Richard, Lord pulled the ad.