Saturday, May 15, 2010

The "Big Mo" has Haley in the game

Like her or not, Sarah Palin is a force in Republican Party politics and has rock star status among some groups of conservatives. Palin’s endorsement of Nikki Haley for Governor churned up a race that has remained fluid. Further, if you doubt Palin’s prominence in the Republican Party, note how Attorney General McMaster and Gresham Barrett chose to swipe at each other instead of criticize Palin and her endorsement of Haley.

Indeed, events over the past few weeks seem to indicate that Haley might have what President Bush the Elder called “the Big Mo.” Haley held her own in the debates, her campaign got Gresham Barrett off track, and Reform SC’s full throated support gave Haley a financial boost. Now, that someone as prominent as Sarah Palin has endorsed Haley, the Haley campaign is for real.

Haley’s rise comes at the time the three other Republican candidates seem to not be doing as well as they had planned. Of course their camps will spin otherwise. But, frankly, the lack of excitement over the race so far has set up an interesting race to the primary finish line.

First, McMaster has not closed the deal. A year ago, Henry McMaster looked to be in position to win the Republican nomination without a runoff. However, the Attorney General’s numbers plunged since then, and he has been mired in the high twenties for some time now. Lt. Governor Bauer, as hardworking of a campaigner as they come, has had gaffes that have him with relative high negative numbers even within the Republican Party. Gresham Barrett performed extremely well in earlier debates and had a large war chest, however, in all frankness, his ads have been lackluster and all that money spent still cannot get him past 20 percent at this point.

Now that voters are starting to pay close attention, in comes Haley. To many Republicans, she has Sanford’s good ideas without his baggage and ego. With the events mentioned above, Haley’s campaign is catching the “Big Mo” at just the right time.

All that said, the race is still very fluid. Now that Nikki Haley has become someone that people think can actually contend for the Republican nomination, she and her campaign will be under much more scrutiny then before. People are now going to seriously ask themselves if they can see Haley as Governor of South Carolina. If the Haley campaign were frank, they would have to be happy to be taken seriously. But, now that Haley is taken seriously, it is on her to close the deal.

The “Big Mo” is fickle in politics. It can leave a candidate in a day. McMaster, Bauer and Barrett have all dealt with being the focus of the spotlight. Frankly, they did not perform as well as they probably hoped to in those moments. Now, the spotlight will turn for a moment to Haley. She is in the game. Whether or not she can find a way to win will be determined in the next few weeks.

The above photo was taken by the AP.


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2010

    The "mo" did not go. Haley had such a disappointing "crowd" at the Charleston Music Hall that she and Jenny had to pull everyone into the much, much smaller lobby.

    The Friday evening State House event was poorly planned in that it was held during rush hour. The crowd simply did not show up.

    It has been charitably described as about 1,000 -- but a third or more from observing from other campaigns or protesting the event.

    Palin derailed Friday. Her advisors put all their 2012 SC primary hopes on a longshot candidate -- and you can bet when the White House contenders converge on SC in 2012, Palin will not be shown any love. She could have just as readily popped into SC and praised the for conservative contenders for governor.

    Haley is done.

  2. I am for Haley. Barrett and Bauer seem to gay for me. McMaster seems too much like John McCain.

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2010

    The wife and I decided to vote for Haley after this. We need a woman in office and we need a conservative in office. On that the wife and I agreed.

  4. Mr. EckstromMay 15, 2010

    Sarah Palin is hot. Nikki Haley is hot. OHHHHHHH.. Please, Lucys don't move that football.

  5. AnonymousMay 15, 2010

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  6. Motorcycle ManMay 15, 2010

    Anon, WTF? Wow. That was strange. McCarty, moderate again, dude.

  7. Nikki Haley voted to take Obama's stimulus money. That's all I need to know to know I can't support her.

    See for yourself:

  8. At least they ain't hating like the Bolchoz crowd.