Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Haley-Folks controversy adds to already unconventional political year

As stated earlier, VUI is not getting into who is right or wrong in the Haley-Folks thing.  We will leave that up to others.  

But, the controversy surrounding the GOP front runner for Governor only adds to how unconventional this political year seems to be.  Despite the efforts of Tea Party groups and others, people seemed turned off.  People are certainly not donating money to various campaigns like before.  Campaigns for various statewide offices are starting their media drives late because they did not have the money to start any earlier.  

Add to that the state of today's mainstream media.  Gone are the days of the likes of someone like Lee Bandy.  If a candidate, like Attorney General candidate Leighton Lord, exaggerated his resume, someone like Bandy would have hit that candidate hard.  The Lee Bandy's of the media world have been replaced with overworked reporters who want a quick and easy story.  Today they might write about a political race.  Tomorrow they are covering the chili cookoff winners.  Reporters today simply do not put in the work to get at real stories that really matter.  Thus, when a sex scandal like the Haley-Folks matter comes up, they latch on to it.  It is easy to grasp and it gets readers.  

But, the attention paid to such hurts the people of South Carolina.  Outside the Governor's race, there are some very important constitutional offices up for grabs. The lack of mainstream media attention to those races make them fluid, and frankly, easier to be just bought by someone with means than ever before.  

 Is that the South Carolina we want?  Are we as a electorate so lazy and our media so lazy that we just engross ourselves in sex stories and not bother to learn about the politics and issues involved in the races to decide who leads us and who spends our money?  

Think on that as we try to do our part to at least let you know our take on those who are running for various offices.  We at VUI share some of the Tea Party's excitement about some things happening around the nation.  But, here, in South Carolina, it just seems like more of the blind leading the blind to the next easy story to write and read.

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