Saturday, May 22, 2010

Top 9 political things that really tick us off

Pundits say the electorate is mad as Hell.  They say that is why long time incumbents have went down so far in earlier primaries.  Well, we are pretty ticked as well.  And, here are the Top 9 things that really tick us off in politics. 

9) The President of the United States standing like a humble school boy while the President of Mexico lectures him on the White House lawn about how the United States should allow illegal immigration.  Then the President of the United States fed that guy dinner. 

8) The fact that candidates always claim to be against the good ole boys and gals, but in fact are just as sneaky as anyone when it comes to who is paying for their campaigns. When anyone running for office tells you they are not a politician, put your hand on your wallet. 

7)The fact the media does not call Leighton Lord for what he is.  His false claims of law enforcement experience really pisses us off.  Walk up to a car with Florida plates on I-95 at three in the morning and then tell us about your "law enforcement" experience, pal.

6) The way the Obama Administration kicks around Israel.  They are the only nation in the Middle East with Democratic values like ours, but the Obama Administration treats Israel like the wayward stepchild. 

5) Politicians like Gresham Barrett who stand up against suing people and then sue a group that they contend is supporting a political opponent. 

4) The fact that South Carolina politics is dominated by blowhard consultants in the so called "Big Three" who have not one clue how people really live. 

3) The fact that a genuine flake like Kelly Payne is actually taken seriously as a candidate for public office and that her pissant email pal Dick Eckstrom is a shoe in for re-election as Comptroller General. Somewhere, Charlie Brown is shaking his head. 

2) The fact that no one seems to remember the fact we are sending good men and women to war in places on the other side of the world.  It seems no candidate wants to start off his campaign by acknowledging that we are still at war with Islamic fascism.  

1) The fact that the liberals who want us to pay for everyone's health care are joined by false conservatives who think taxpayers should subsidize someone's kid going to a private school. The average guy paying his taxes doesn't stand a chance with those clowns doing the bidding of the people who pay them.


  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2010

    What ticks me off is that you are steal breathing, asshole.

  2. orthotomeoMay 23, 2010

    On June 29, 2006, Mr. McCarty, wrote "But, we have to do something about these people from outside SC buying SC government."

    Thank you Mr. McCarty for pointing that out, and THANK YOU Gresham Barrett for doing something about it! ReformSC, leave the reform to us. We don't want your dirty, out-of-state money telling us what to do. Keep fighting for South Carolina Gresham!

  3. Brian, I want to argue with you on sooo much of that. I'll go to only one point though - Israel. They may be the only Democracy in the hood over there, but there shit also stinks. Their behavior and policies toward the Palestinians, along with their complete lack of or insincere efforts to work toward peace, or even basic dignity, is abhorrent.

  4. AnonymousMay 24, 2010

    A number of great points. Gresham Barrett bringing suit, while necessary to enforce ethics laws, is merely ironic after his sand on lawsuits. However, the sham of Leighton Lord as having law enforcement experience is beyond belief. Thanks for being the only one in this state not on his payroll.

  5. orthotomeoMay 29, 2010

    Anonymous - Gresham Barrett's stand on tort reform is folks who bring "frivolous" lawsuits. There is nothing ironic or frivolous about bringing as you say a "necessary" enforcement action aginst ReformSC for ethics violations. That's simply the right thing to do. More accountability and transparency is a good thing. Thanks Gresham!