Monday, May 24, 2010

VUI will let you without sin cast the stones

The blog world and the news world is excited over FITS News Blog founder Wil Folk's admissions in regards to GOP front runner Nikki Haley. VUI is not. 

We at VUI said before that Haley was now in the heat of the spotlight, and time would tell what happened.

That, said, time will still tell what happened way back when.  The sickening jockeying of Haley's  and Folks's opponents, Republican and Democrat, in wake of this event is disappointing.  Before this situation turns into a political knife fight, some of the folks better remember a political knife can be turned around pretty quickly or can come from out of nowhere.  Getting in the middle of this kind of thing is tricky stuff and it's not right.   

The other campaigns should have nothing to say, and that includes their anonymous minions on the blogs.  Shut it up.  Let it play out.  People are best left to judge for themselves in things like these, and
most of us are not qualified to judge such things in the first place.

As Christ said, "let you without sin throw the first stone."  VUI won't.  Perhaps some of you are perfect and know better than we do about casting stones at people's personal lives and personal honor.

That said, we will caste one stone of a sort.  The likes of James F. Byrnes, Strom Thurmond, and Carroll Campbell must be shaking their heads somewhere in disgust over how South Carolina politics has become an expensive soap opera. Further,  Fritz's Hollings's "cash and carry government" statement should now include "cash, carry and gossip."


  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2010


  2. Here is yet another SC political scandal. When will it end?

  3. The only inappropriate relationship this bozo had was when he was holding her picture up with one hand...