Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rawl created the Greene mess by being lazy

Alvin Greene continues to be a factor in South Carolina politics. Since his upset win in the United States Senate Primary over Victor Rawl, those on the right and the left freely give their theories on why Greene won the Primary. Democrats, including Rawl, are protesting, hinting at voting machine problems and Republicans making shady moves. Republicans now are in the game. A GOP state representative is asking for SLED to look into the Greene campaign. Republicans are out hocking the idea that Democrats enticed Greene to run so Rawl could raise money twice from contributors.

Both Republicans and Democrats are long on conspiracies and short on facts. What is a fact is that Rawl, though the darling of the Democratic establishment ran no campaign whatsoever. There were no yard signs at precinct locations, no mail outs, no ads. Rawl simply thought his previous legislative serviced in a small area would carry the day to the nomination. Rawl and his people goofed.

It is too simple for any politician to understand. People went to the polls not knowing really who either candidate for the United States Senate where. Random choice gives a candidate 50 percent in such cases. Then, the first being the first name on the ballot gives more votes. Then, having a name that seems familiar, such as Alvin Greene to the gospel singer Al Green, gives more votes. Thus, it is logical that Alvin Greene won since neither candidate actually waged a real campaign.

Investigations and allegations are just nonsense and a product of denial. Rawl and the Democratic establishment and the Republicans are just spitting out hot air. The real reason Rawl got embarrassed was that he did not run a campaign. As we at VUI stated before, if you do not run an active campaign for your party’s nomination, you really do not have the right to cry over being embarrassed by some guy beating you that you never heard of.

Facing such is too difficult for politicos in both parties. Instead, they will beat their chests in self righteous indignation and tell us how it is so wrong that an average unemployed man won.

VUI does not buy such. Rawl had months to actually wage a real campaign. Rawl chose not to. So he should not cry about losing. He blew it. As for Republicans voting for Greene, all we have to say is get real. With one the hottest GOP primary races for Governor in South Carolina history, it is frankly hard to believe that people would give up that vote to set up Greene. Those who contend such do not live in reality as we know it.

Democrats should refrain from insulting the voters and accept that Rawl messed up. As such, if the criminal charges against Greene bother them so, their executive committee should nominate someone like Jim Hodges. Nominating Rawl now will turn off their core voters and make them seem like rich white guys ticked that some unemployed black man won. Rawl had his chance and chose to be lazy. That is the real reason Democrats are in this mess.  Just a few yard signs, or a few mail outs, Mr. Rawl.  That is all it would have taken for you to prevent this.

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