Sunday, June 06, 2010

VUI endorsements

Voting under the Influence has had a difficult time making endorsements this year.  Though I am Editor and founder, there are five others that make up the staff I refer to. There are several others that VUI reaches out to for input.   We have had some heated debates about things, such as whether Nikki Haley did it or not and we have came to agreement on some races fielding candidates we have to hold our noses to vote for.  That said, here we go with the Voting under the Influence endorsements for the 2010 Republican Primary major races. 

Governor:  No endorsement.  Yes, you read that right.  Arguments have been made for and against all the candidates and frankly, there is no consensus. One staffer thinks Haley is lying.  Another thinks she is a saint.  One thinks McMaster is the grownup in the race and deserves support.  Another says the same about Barrett.  Others think Andre Bauer is being badly maligned by the Haley campaign.   In short, the people who contribute to VUI are as undecided as the voting public.  Therefore, VUI offers no endorsement. 

Lt. Governor:  Eleanor Kitzman.  Most of the people who contribute to this blog back her because she has the experience and business acumen to be an outstanding public servant.  One contributor backs Ken Ard, because he thinks Ard will bring local government experience to the office.  The constant is that that the entire staff and contributors think that the perceived frontrunner, Larry Richter, would be a bad choice for South Carolina. 

Attorney General: Alan Wilson. On this everyone seems unanimous, for the reasons VUI posted previously.  Wilson has the resume, integrity and the humility to be a great Attorney General.

Comptroller General:  Richard “Charlie Brown” Eckstrom.  Everyone else backed him, but I did not.  I just cannot get over how Eckstrom took my cartoon hero Charlie Brown into his sex emails with Kelly Payne. But, the VUI nod goes to Eckstrom.  I do not pay the staff, so I got to give them something, right?

Superintendent of Education: Brent Nelson.  Two staffers pointed out that Zais was probably going to win and that he was a decent guy, but in the end, Nelson got the nod for his frankness and his willingness to at least tell us why he wants the job.  We all agreed that Kelly Payne would be a disaster and that Burgess was nuts to even run. 
Treasurer:  None of the above.  While I wrote that I would lean Chellis, the campaigns ran by Chellis and Loftis have disgusted the staff.  If there was ever an argument why the Treasurer should be appointed by the Governor, this race is it.  During on discussion on this race, one contributor asked, “Is there anyone else to vote for?”  That sort of sums it up.  What a disappointing and disgusting race. 

The Third Congressional Seat: Jeff Duncan.  There were arguments for Richard Cash and Rex Rice, but in the end, VUI goes Duncan.  Duncan has the common sense along with conservative beliefs.  When you pick a Congressman you have to think about picking someone who can actually work with the other people in Washington.  Duncan can in our opinion. 

The Fourth Congressional Seat: Trey Gowdy.  Bob Inglis’s act has grown tiresome.  David Thomas got some attention as well, because he is a genuine good guy.  But, Gowdy has what it takes to knock off Inglis, and frankly that is what matters in this race.  It is time for the eccentricities and self righteousness of Bob Inglis to become history. 

The Second Congressional District: Joe Wilson.  Joe not only represents his district well, but he has the guts to tell it like it is, even when telling like it is ticks off Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. 

The First Congressional District:  no endorsement.  We just don’t feel comfortable weighing in on this crowded race.  There are three candidates we like in Carroll Campbell, III, Tim Scott and Paul Thurmond.  Any of those three would make a good Congressman.  Campbell and Thurmond would extend historical legacies.  Scott would make history.  Again, if one of those three gets the nod, the First will be served well.

United States Senate: Jim DeMint.  DeMint does have token Republican opposition in the primary.  Be sure not overlook that election and cast your vote for DeMint.  DeMint, in VUI’s opinion, represents South Carolina better than any other member of the Congressional Delegation, with Joe Wilson being a close second.

That it is for our endorsements.  We are staying out of local races.  Whatever you think and whomever you support, go vote on Tuesday.  Make your voice heard.


  1. Thank you for your endorsement!

  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2010

    I and my people shall support the campaign of Nikki Haley.

  3. Spartanburg MamaJune 06, 2010

    I don't care if Haley slept with half the men in Columbia. She wants accountability in government. That is what matters, not who she screwed.

    Besides, you men have been screwing all sorts of women for years. It is about time we had a woman who played by your rules.

  4. AnonymousJune 06, 2010

    Good call on Wilson for AG and Duncan for Congress.

  5. Ex teacherJune 06, 2010

    I am voting for Brent Nelsen too.

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  7. Interesting that you didn't even give a nod to Glenn Price (the last) or Elizabeth Moffly in the Superintendent of Education race. Ms Moffly is the only one who entered the race with a well-researched, well-prepared platform of common-sense, no cost solutions that would save teacher's jobs and improve the system. She has most definitelly said why she wants the job, and spent the last 5 years preparing for it.