Friday, July 30, 2010

Afghanistan and other military issues people tend not to think about

The death toll in Afghanistan of American military personnel has now reached 63 for the month of July, which makes July 2010 the deadliest month to date in that war.  Sixty Americans were killed in June.  Real people are dying and dying at a rate higher than any other in the nine years that the United States has had forces in Afghanistan. 

Yet, the mainstream media gushes over President Obama appearing on The View, an ABC daytime talk show.  It was the first appearance by a sitting President of the United States on a daytime talk show.  The President did relatively well, considering the softball questions asked.  To the President’s credit, he did mention with respect those who have died serving the country. 

That said, before the show was over, the hosts of The View felt compelled to ask the President about Lindsey Lohan and “Snookie,” whoever that is.  They had to do that to appeal to their audience, which is typical of the American people today. 
Again, the President was the one who mentioned those who have died in Afghanistan, not the interviewers.  Two other issues were not mentioned at all by anyone, but they are hitting military families hard.  Both are issues that define the honor of America.

First, there is the issue reported in second tier stories in the media about the mess at Arlington National Cemetery.  Arlington, which is the place in which so many who have given so much to this country are honored with a resting place, has over 6000 graves unmarked or wrongly identified.  Such a disservice to military people and their families is unacceptable.  That America seems not to care is a mark of the lack of honor the culture has.  After all, Lindsey Lohan is in jail and Simon is off of American Idol. 

Even more dishonorable are the acts of life insurance companies who delay payment to the beneficiaries of military personnel who are killed serving our country.  Again, it was another lower tier story.  But, the fact that survivors of those who give all to this country are left to worry for 90 or 120 days about how to pay the bills while the insurance company delays payment of benefits in order to draw interest on the money is unacceptable.  It is dishonorable. 

The President went on The View in part to sort of reshape his image and get some popular support.  How refreshing it would have been if the President would had the gumption to go after the insults to national honor done at Arlington and by the insurance companies in regards to those who gave so much for us all.  Alas, that is not to be.  The President is paying attention to the polls, and knowing that Lindsey Lohan is in jail probably got him more support than saying he is going to wreak havoc on those whose sloppiness and greed dishonor the military and the country. 

God bless our troops.  Our nation doesn’t deserve what they do for us. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2010

    Afghanistan is a tragedy.

    All the troops that have died there have died for nothing.

    We will soon withdraw and it will revert to the same war that existed there in 2001.

    Between the Taliban and the warlords

    Where will the American stooge Hamid Karzai end up?

    Thieu our puppet In Vietnem took his millions to Hawaii.

    Sounds like good a place as any.

  2. The troops are overpaid, over cared for and most of them could not get out of tech school. So who really cares?

    You just write so glowingly of these losers in life because you want to be one of them. Like you, they are losers.

  3. Becky has not been laid since 1998