Monday, July 05, 2010

Ninety Six, SC shows America is alive and well

In these times, it is hard to believe in America. The President of the United States seems inept at handling the most basic of crisis problems. Republicans and Democrats in Congress choose to play politics with unemployment benefits as real American families face hard choices about rent, mortgage payments, and utility bills and the like.

Just when one would be cynical and jaded about America, there comes a Saturday afternoon in Ninety Six, South Carolina. In that little town, people put aside the hardships of the economy to join together to celebrate America. On Saturday, July 3rd, the little town of Ninety Six was a place of celebration. People, white and black, fat and thin, young and old, milled about as vendors hawked their wares and food. American flags were found everywhere. Good ole rock and roll music was played.

In short, America was on display front and center in Ninety Six, SC. There was a parade. There was a program at the historic fort. To be at Ninety Six on Saturday was to be on a movie set of the ideal American town. But, there were no movie cameras. What was there was real Americans celebrating their nation’s birth date and enjoying good music and good food.

Those who doubt the ideal of America should have been in Ninety Six, South Carolina on Saturday. In that little town, the American spirit was illustrated. People in that small town celebrated being Americans. The local high school football team helped to direct parking. Entrepreneurs hawked their wares and food. A damn good hot dog could be bought at the local gas station. Damn good barbecue hash could be found. Even helicopter rides were available.  Indeed, there was never a place that VUI ever felt America more than last Saturday afternoon in Ninety Six. Indeed, such a place as Ninety Six last Saturday is a tonic for any cynic’s soul. Ninety Six is proof that America is still alive an well and is something worth standing up for.


  1. Working MomJuly 06, 2010

    Ninety Six can not compare with the real estate that is for sale in Anderson County. Why do you use this pathetic blog to run Anderson County down?

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2010

    Thank you for talking about this. 96 is a great place to live.