Wednesday, July 07, 2010

People can be tolerated, false claims by them should not be

The Governor of Hawaii saw fit to veto a measure that would allow gays to enter into civil unions in the state of Hawaii recently.  Hawaii is a state that overwhelmingly opposed gay marriage and unions when a ballot measure was presented on the matter.  The veto was no surprise. 

Also, there was no surprise in the response by gay rights activists and fanatics who comment on blogs and news sites.  Once again, some fanatics have to call historical figures gay to feel good about their own lives and political beliefs.  Some claim Jesus was gay. Even Elton John called Jesus gay.   Others claim Lincoln was gay.  It is classic projection.

Some people, educated beyond their intelligence, so fanatically believe in the righteousness of their beliefs and lives that they project their beliefs and lifestyles on positive historical figures.  Some are simply misguided and over enthusiastic.  Others are clear masters of propaganda.  The truth often is nowhere to be found. 

Take the example of Lincoln.  Gay activists who claim Lincoln was gay like to tout his friendship with Joshua Speed and the fact the two men wrote glowingly of their friendship and shared a boarding room together.  What they leave out is the context of the times.  In the early and mid 19th century, men and women often shared boarding rooms and boarding beds together.  They wrote letters that used what we think of today as flowery and formal language.  They did not think of sex in those times as we do in this time.  It would not cross their minds in that time to mess around with one another. 

Indeed, historians have exhaustively looked into the personal life of Abraham Lincoln.  They overwhelmingly concluded that Lincoln was a man who battled depression and was devoted to a wife that was insane.  There is simply not one shred of historical evidence that shows Lincoln as gay or bisexual. 

There is also not one shred of historical evidence that suggest that Jesus Christ was gay or bisexual.  It is a fantasy concocted by extremists that not only is false, but insults people of the Christian faith.  Indeed, imagine the outrage if gay rights activists claimed Mohammad was gay.  

Further, there is ample evidence that some of those in the leadership of the Nazi Regime in Germany were bisexual and gay.  However, you won’t find gay rights activists claiming those guys as their own. 

Do not get VUI wrong.  VUI is not suggesting that gays and bisexuals are evil like the Nazis were.  We leave such insults to Vice President Biden.  What VUI is saying is that ignorance is a dangerous thing.  If gay rights activists want to argue their points, fair enough.  But, they should do so without hijacking historical figures such as Lincoln and Christ.   Gay rights activists should stick with the facts, not self delusional fantasies about iconic historical figures if they want the rest of us to take their arguments in the political arena seriously.  After all we at VUI are not angry at gays and frankly believe that if people find love, fair enough. We will leave the hate to others.    But, when gay rights activists go about trying to hijack history through web comments, well, we got to call them on it.  People are to be tolerated.  False claims are not. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2010

    God damn it I hate you. You are such an evil man in that you write stuff that makes sense. It makes it so difficult to paint you as the gay hater you are when you make these damned logical posts.

  2. Queer DuckJuly 07, 2010

    Hey Gay Brian, Santa Claus is gay, and its okay. Even W. was bi, there's nothing he won't try. When Santa goes HO HO HO he really means MO MO MO.

  3. AnonymousJuly 07, 2010

    What hateful and bigoted comments, redneck. Keep this in mind, when a babe turns down some man and doesn't cry, she's got a woman to satisfy.

  4. AnonymousJuly 07, 2010

    Two words redneck: Lindsey Gayhem.

  5. Some people just don't like logic.