Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The people need intellectual honesty, minus the bull manure

Americans, especially South Carolinians, are hurting today and disillusioned with the American Dream.  People over the age of 50 find themselves laid off, and unable to find work because no one will hire them because they are too old.  Never mind that they worked hard all their lives and paid their taxes and did the right things.  Now, Democrats and Republicans drawing six figure incomes in Congress squabble over details to extend the unemployment benefits that keep some of the older Americans from being without food and electricity.  Even higher paid politicos coax members of Congress in both parties to keep up the battle to jockey for election position, while the average man wonders how to keep the lights on. 

It does not end there.  We have a health care system, especially with the so called reforms instituted by Obama and the Democrats, that is bought and paid for by for profit insurance and health care providers.  It is a system that Congress created after millions in political contributions from health care provider unions, insurance companies and others with financial interests.  As result, the system is overregulated and overpriced so that everyone gets their cut.  The loser is the average American.  The average American, even if he has health insurance, faces a day in which, even after insurance pays its meager part, he has to raid his kids college fund or refinance his home just to pay to stay alive.  Even charity based hospitals want insurance and financial information.  Those with little or no means might get initial care, but they have little chance of advanced care.

Then there is education.  People want the best possible educational opportunities for their children.  However, in South Carolina especially, neither party is for that.  The Democrats do not call for real reforms in public education, because that might upset the powerful teacher union.  The Republicans offer a plan that only helps a handful.  Neither party offers the comprehensive public education reform needed to improve the lives of the majority of South Carolinians.  Again, it goes pack to money and paid political operatives.  The average family has no lobbyist or well funded group in their corner. 

Indeed, there is such an intellectual dishonesty by both parties that the ideals and dreams of America are slipping away.  People are fed up.  People are afraid.  People are losing faith.  When the average American is told that his President sides with those who come into America illegally over people trying to enforce the law, it hits hard.  Further, when the average American who is unemployed and has tried to find work but cannot is told he needs to tough it out as his electricity and water is cut off, it hits hard.  It is especially difficult to accept when the President and the Congress make sure they have time to go on vacation as weighty issues remain unsolved. 

The average American could not.  If he has a job and a problem comes up that needs dealing with, he foregoes his vacation and gets the job done.  There was a time the elite in America did the same.  Not now.  They think they are insulated.  Redistricting makes Congress almost a lifetime appointment.  The President has all sorts of perks even he is loses re-election in 2012.  Not a one faces sacrificing to make sure payroll is met, or worry about the electric bill.  But, they are quick to scare us to death on issues that do not matter in our daily lives.  The problem is the daily lives for so many Americans are becoming too bad for them to be distracted.  It is time for intellectual honesty and real solutions, minus the bull manure. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    Keep talking like this and they will kick you out of the Republican Party.

  2. The real bullshit artist is you. You are so full of shit that you don't even know how people around you hate you. You are toast, asshole. How's your dog?