Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing it straight in the Governor's race

Though the entire staff of VUI voted in Republican primaries most of our lives, this year’s Governor’s race is different.  After nearly eight years of Mark Sanford having a great urinating contest with the General Assembly and being incompetent in running the agencies that are actually under him, illustrated by scandals at the DOT, the DSS, and others, we are putting the state first in deciding whom to support. 

Frankly, VUI will be turned off if Nikki Haley runs as Sanford 2.0.  Our state cannot afford four more years of that.  Indeed, by every measurable standard, South Carolina is worse off today than it was when Mark Sanford took office.  The truth is what it is.  Far too much of the failure came directly from the cabinet that is under the Governor.  If Haley decides to be another Mark Sanford, Mississippi will thank God for South Carolina. 

On the Democratic side, Vincent Sheheen has to offer more than just rhetoric about being moderate.  If he is serious about being an all but non partisan Governor who puts the state first, then all he has to do is cut a deal with Republican leaders on next year’s reapportionment.   Also, Sheehen has to do one of the most difficult things a politician has to do: avoid the President of the United States.  Sheehen has to keep the campaign local.  He cannot even go out of state to raise money.  

Indeed, for Sheheen to have a shot at winning, he has to have a two pronged attack that seems not like an attack.  The first prong is being “Mr. South Carolina.”  The second prong is appealing to swing transplant voters, especially on the coast, by showing he has the intellect and work ethic for the job.  It is tricky road to victory for Sheheen, but it appears to be the only possible road. 

Haley on the other hand, can hide her lack of work ethic and poor relations with other politicos by appealing to the national anger out there about the President and the Congress.  Haley and the state GOP will be best suited to tie Sheheen to Obama and Pelosi.  Far too many voters will be fired up about that. Such a distraction could easily work. 

It is not going to work on VUI.  We are going to be following the candidates closely on their stands on state issues.  We will be looking at Nikki Haley to see if she really will not offer four more years of the same failure.  We will be looking at Vincent Sheehen to see if he will not just be another Obama liberal Democrat.  Frankly, if you have a little pulpit, you cannot play it any other way in good conscious if you actually care about what is happening to so many South Carolinians today.  


  1. If you have worked on as many campaigns as you say, then you should know that although no perfect, Governor Sanford's so called failures were not all his fault.
    Get some of the Rino's out of the legislature and I am sure that you would see a big difference.
    The "good ole boy" system is still alive and well in S. C. Cal

  2. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    Oh God, Cal, don't make me puke. Good ole buddies of Sanford like Limehouse robbed this state over the past 8 years. Give me a break. Sanford is the ultimate good ole boy, complete with the hot latina maid.

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    You are a Republican and in the end you will support Haley.Everyone knows this so cut out the nonpartisan blather.