Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Top 9 for this week

The staff that are not the sports fans that the Editor is went into revolt over their proposed Top 9 not getting published this week.  Since the state and nation are going through tough economic times, they thought their Top 9 was a public service.  Frankly some people need the advice. So, here we go, another Top 9 for the week, this one is the Top 9 things not to say when you are interviewing for a job. 

9) This jersey I wear is of my favorite football player.  He is always late to things, too, but he gets the job done.  Ohhh, sorry about that...ate barbecue at lunch with one of some very important people, like T-Bone, but you got to admit that was a good one.  Admit it, I can tell from the look on your face. 

8) Mam, excuse me, but before we go any farther, are those real?  Can I get a quick photo for my blog?

7) Hey, do you want one of these beers?  I got a cooler full of them.  

6) No! No!.  Just Go!  I ain't got to answer that damn question! No!  I am the Democratic nominee for US Senate. Get off my property!  Oh, I am in your office.

5) You are not going to make me take a drug test are you? 

4) Hey, take a look at this porn video I have of me on my smartphone. That's me.  See how hard I work, baby. 

3) Why did I leave my last job?  Well, those people accused me of stealing money.  But, I just took what was mine.  Now, that I am  running low, I need a job.

2) Let's make one thing clear.  I hate people telling me what to do.  I don't take that crap from my ole lady and I ain't about start taking it from you.

1) My biggest failure in life?  Well, I never made love to a midget.  I always wanted to.  You got any single midgets working here?

Sadly, the above were taken from real life interviews.  And, we wonder why China kicks our butts.

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