Sunday, August 08, 2010

Haley is not "one of us."

Nikki Haley raced to the Republican nomination for Governor as a candidate who was one of the people.  For whatever reason, Haley was seen as the candidate who was one of us, striving to do good. However, as the glare of the Fall campaign starts to shine upon Haley, it looks like she is not one of us.  

First, there are the late tax payments.  Frankly, that does not bother VUI.  Small business people pay their taxes late and make arrangements with the IRS and the South Carolina Department of Revenue.  Such is to many the course of business.  So, revelations about accountant Haley not paying taxes on time was ho hum at best.  

But, then there were other issues that just stand out and make clear Nikki Haley is not "one of us," she is "one of them."  Take for example the fact that her family income in one recent year was only $40,000.  There is nothing wrong with that.  South Carolina families make do on less.  But, what is striking about Haley is that with that limited income, she was able to finance a $300,000 mortgage and a $100,000 line of credit.  

Think about that, people.  In a time when people who have never missed a payment in their lives are denied refinance mortgages because their home value has went down or their income to debt ratio is too high, Haley and her family were able to go in debt ten times the amount of their income.  Try doing that without holding political office and power and see how well you do.  

Of course, political power does have its perks.  One of them is making money. Haley did dramatically increase her family income by working as a "consultant" for an engineering firm that does business with the state of South Carolina.  How many people who show up at tea party gatherings and the like are able to "consult" on such a level? 

 It is something to think about. Nikki Haley has campaigned on being of the people, but her personal finances show she is not of the people at all.  Forget the taxes.  Just look at the loans approved and the consulting fees, and ask yourself if you or your family could have it so well?  Indeed it appears that Nikki Haley turned her service in the SC House into a cash cow.  Haley is not "one of us."  

Haley has taken advantage of her position for personal gain, a trait that goes against conservative ideals.  Further, her big loans and consulting fees are far removed from the average guy who wants government limited, but struggles to pay the power bill.  That guy scrambles to keep the lights on and food on the table while Haley uses her position, paid for by that guy's tax dollars, to get sweetheart loans and big consulting fees.  

Nope, Haley is not one of us.  She's one of them.  She preaches against big government while using government to feather her own nest.  One can only imagine what will be for sale come next January. 


  1. Didn't you support Gresham Barrett?

    How much money did his campaign receive from bailed out banks? What about all that money his campaign received from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce?

  2. Goddamned RINO. Go cash you check from Sheheen he paid you to write this crap.

  3. The real crooks in SC politics are Joe Wilson and his "son." Bet you won't write about that. Jakie Knotts told you not to.

  4. Ouch. What a circus it is to watch. You point out some inconvenient truths about Haley, and her hacks call you all sorts of names. I told you the Republicans had no loyalty and would cut you if dared speak against them.

    God help you if start writing about how Haley has never had a real job or how she never showed up to house committee meetings. Those idiots might burn your house down.

  5. Stick to football, jock strap

  6. Haley is a GoddessAugust 08, 2010

    One thing is not for sale but for sure come next January: your sorry RINO ass will not get an appointment.

  7. Ex Rep, the Hitler Youth are more likely to burn their own homes down, probably out of incompetence.

  8. Haley YouthAugust 08, 2010

    Nikki can wear my brown shirt anytime.

  9. Valid points all, VUI. You can tell because you've ruffled quite a few feathers, apparently.

    What is about "Voters hate hypocrites" that politicians can't get through their heads? We've all got flaws; just don't lie to me about yours.

  10. She truly is Sanford #2!

    The Pink Flamingo

  11. A few notes...

    1. Her income fluctuated... so citing the $40k figure is dumb...
    2. The $300k is (most likely) how much they borrowed, not the full value of their house... and judging by the interest rate they were paying, they got no sweetheart deal...
    3. The house they paid for is(was) worth at least $500k judging by how much credit they qualified for...

    ($300k + $110k) / .8 = $512.5k

    So your whole story about her getting her loan by political connections gets blown to bits... her income is still up for questioning though... much more than before actually...

    Now I think this was a bad financial move(they should have bought a cheaper house, saved up, sold the house, and then bought a more expensive one)... and it's obvious they got in over their head for a little bit... but it was not necessarily a crazy financial move... I can think of some reasons why they'd go for it... and IIRC, her father-in-law does a lot in real estate so you'd think he'd help steer them...

  12. Nikki Haley is a crook but I don't care..she stimulates my nether regions. I love the woman. I want her to have my baby. I want to be her baby daddy. She turns me on more than Mark Sanford does. I was gay, but Nikki showed me the way. You RINOs do not know true love like the love I have Nikki. WE will rule this backass state togehter, and piss on the backs of RINOs like you McCarty. I love Nikki and their aint a god damned thing you can do to stop me.

  13. I just wish that bitch would give me back my credit cards.

  14. You are really making it difficult for yourself

    When you make your inevitable proclamation of support for Haley

    As we all know you eventually will.