Friday, August 27, 2010

John Spratt, the Congressman from union bosses

Big labor loves big government politicians, even those big government politicians who will not let anyone record their remarks at campaign events.  While it seems Congressman John Spratt is afraid to allow the so called “little people” to record his remarks as he campaigns, the Congressman sure is loved by big labor.

The Hill magazine reports ratings scores from different groups for members of Congress.  John Spratt’s strongest ratings come from big labor and he has done his best to represent them before South Carolina.

The AFL-CIO gives Spratt an 82.  The National Education Association, the union that is for status qua bureaucracy in education, gives Spratt an A.   The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) gives Spratt a perfect score of 100.

The rating from AFSCME should be of special interest to Fifth Congressional District voters.  That organization walks lock step with the Obama agenda, and even has an open letter to John Spratt on its website encouraging Spratt to carry the White House’s political water.  Spratt’s perfect score from AFSCME lets you know just how cozy with the White House Spratt really is.

Further, support from the AFL-CIO and AFSCME also underscores Spratt’s support of the bill that would take the private vote away from workers who face a union vote.

It is no shock that big labor supports such a big government guy like Spratt.  They have a lot in common.  Both think that the average guy can not take care of himself without their help.  Both make big promises after playing on fear and convincing people how powerless they are without them.  Both big labor and John Spratt live well on money taken from people’s paychecks, while always coming up a bit short on the promises made.  It is little wonder they have such a close relationship.  They are two peas in a pod.

That said, the people of the Fifth Congressional District need to decide if they want a Congressman who represents them, or one who represents big union bosses.  While the union bosses are falling all over themselves to praise their Congressman Spratt, what about the small business owner in Great Falls, or the non union factory worker in Lancaster, or the teacher in Ft. Mill who did not join the NEA, or the police officer in Newberry who can not afford to give a percentage of his paycheck to the bosses of AFSCME?  Who is representing them and the tens of thousands of like them in the Fifth Congressional District?  It is certainly not John Spratt.  


  1. I looked at the AFSCME website. It is creepy. Makes me think of the red brigades in China. If Spratt is their guy, he is not mine.

  2. I know how you feel!

    I feel the same way looking at the S.C. Republican Party website.

  3. Spratt reminds me of Grady Patterson...just sad to watch him used one time too many by the liberals.

  4. You know if Spratt goes down, so does Sheheen, and we end up with the horndog of a woman who can't even account for her own money as Governor.

  5. Leave Spratt alone. He is trying figure out that new thing in his office called a fax machine. Let the man have some space to figure out why his staffers are always looking at and talking with with their walkie talkies.

  6. Collective bargaining is evil. Unions should be banned by law. They never accomplished anything and are hotbeds of Communism.
    We need Republicans to ensure labor stability for growth and the good of all workers. Businesses can't afford to hire troublemakers.

  7. According to opensecrets, labor is the 2d largest donor sector to Spratt (right after lawyers and lobbyists)

    Great article/post!