Thursday, August 12, 2010

Race and thinking

Frankly, VUI is sick and tired or racial issues in today's politics.  The issue of race is everywhere, whether you want it to be or not.  

It is found in both parties.  Neither wants to admit it, but it is there.  The Democrats run ads on African American radio stations talking about the Republicans bringing back "chains" and the like.  The Republicans peddle even softer racism in their campaign rhetoric.  

Whatever the source, it is sickening to VUI.  VUI remains a conservative website, with conservative ideas to tout, but racism is not our deal.  Indeed, as true conservatives, we believe that racism is waste of energy and resources.  We believe the promise of freedom and limited government is for everyone.  We call black men friends and brothers.  We live what we write.

But, we are smart enough to know that not everyone wants the promise of freedom and limited government to be for all.  There are elements, especially in the upstate, that just downright hate hispanics and blacks.  While true conservatives look for ways to get government out of the way, the haters look to use government to get in the way of those who they hate. They even want to change our constitution because they are afraid of hispanic babies being born as citizens.

It is both ironic and frustrating to a true conservative.  Think on it.  The policies of President Obama are something any true conservative would oppose, but a true conservative would also oppose the flat ignorance of those who hate having a black President.  The bull manure about the President not really being the President is an example. 

It is a damn mess that has left the GOP divided.  Republicans, like VUI, with a brain, like Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich thinks out his statements and is respectful of the President of the United States.  If you got a conservative brain, Gingrich is the type of guy you would back.  Gingrich has the ideas but also the respect that true conservatives have for someone elected by the people to the office of President of the United States.  

But, we do not live in a Gingrich world.  We live in a Palin world. Sarah Palin does not have respect for her local postmaster, but she gets popular acclaim.  She is dumb as a rock in so many ways, but she is white and hot.  So, Republicans love her, even if it means suicide at the polls.

That goes back to race.  Bobby Jindal is running Louisiana in crisis.  But, his skin is a little bit dark and he has that problem of thinking like Newt.  So, the GOP just seems inept. 

But, the GOP has one ace in the hole, named Nikki Haley.  If that that dark skinned woman gets elected Governor of SC, watch out.  Black children in Allendale will be left out, but Haley will become a star.  Wait and see.  Afterall, she is not black, she is Indian.  Her religion over the years is the only thing that might get Bubba to ask, "what the $%&?"

But, Haley does not have to worry about all that, she is a Republican.  Republicans can be white, black or biracial.  That is just how things are.  VUI thinks it is a good thing.  We love to see people of various racial backgrounds seek their  party out of their own conscious.  That is how we roll. 

But, so many do not roll that way.  From little league sports to big time politics, far too many South Carolinians are geared in race. They see race and hate at every move.  Far too often they are right.  Let's just be frank here.  Far too many state and local politicians act to keep people of color out of things.  That is the hard cold truth.  Their discrimination is not conservative.  Indeed, hit hampers the ideals of freedom of true conservatism.  Racists cloak themselves in conservatism while holding the big government notion of keeping certain people "in their places." 

The problem is that way of thinking just does not work anymore in this world.  We need the best and brightest competing, regardless of their race or whatever.  That is life today.  Whether you run a youth sports team or a major business, discrimination is the one thing what will shut you down and leave you a loser.  That is how the real world of today rolls.  Thank God. 

VUI will later address why we think it is not a bad thing that someone can be born an American.  That dadgummed constitution just appeals to us.

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  1. A little hard to buy into all this from a guy who has labeled the well known bigot Jakie Knotts as "colorful."