Sunday, August 08, 2010

Top 9 reasons Voting under the Influence will continue to operate

9) The taxpayers are generous enough to give internet access to prison inmates. 

8) If Jakie Knotts and Bobby Harrell wish you were dead, you gotta be doing something right. 

7) It brings the Sanford family together.  Both Jenny and Mark hate our guts. 

6) Admit it men, your sex lives are better after your wives read this website. 

5) Death threats and likewise insults make our day. 

4) RINO to us means "really irritating numbnuts online."

3) Somebody has to have the guts to ask if Nikki Haley knows the Kuma Sutra. 

2) Heavy consumption of 100 proof bourbon has to go to some good use. 

1) We have shades and we are on a mission from God. Deal with it.


  1. I don't have a wife of my own. Is it ok if it makes someone else's wife happier to see me?

  2. More crap from a drunk RINO without a clue. Here's an idea, just freaking die you false Republican. Does that insult turn your sorry ass on?

  3. Bobby Harrell is looking for Lynn Siethel to take care of his "problem"

  4. Panting wives want to know. How big is that thang of yours McCarty.....oh my must be...Obama like.