Monday, August 16, 2010

Tragedy hits the SC Prep gridiron

We at VUI love football at all levels, especially the high school and youth levels, where I, the editor of VUI coach.  My nightmare is not losing to some rival as much as it is seeing one of my boys toted off the field in an injury.  It is any coach's nightmare.  

That nightmare came real for the coaches of Lewisville High School, the team members, the supporters, the parents and fans.  Lewisville running back Brian Colvin collapsed on the field and died soon afterward during a scrimmage in the Chester County Jamboree.  From various reports, it was no jarring hit or the like, the young man just collapsed out of bounds. 

From various accounts VUI has received, Colvin was a good kid that was eager to lead his Lewisville team to the Class A playoffs.  Colvin had the character and skills to do so.  Losing such a young man is incredibly difficult for those around him and frankly, it leaves me with little to say.  I have no reasons for such things to give.  I have no words that will comfort the kid's family, his coaches, his team, or his friends.  There is really nothing that can be said.  

It is a tragedy that goes beyond the game of football.  It is heartbreaking to learn of such a thing.  I love the game.  I love what it means to small towns like Lewisville.  But, when a kid is lost, all that seems so insignificant.  The staff of VUI joins me in offering prayers for the family of the young man, his teammates, his coaches and the Lewisville community.  All those folks need God's comfort, our prayers and our support.  

You can help the Colvin family deal with the loss financially by donating to the Brian Colvin Memorial Fund at First Citizens Bank, 3551 Lancaster Highway, Richburg, SC  29729.   


  1. abbeville pantherAugust 16, 2010

    I read about this earlier. We pray for the people in Lewisville. But for the grace of God go we.

  2. This is George W. Bush's fault.

  3. American football is barbarian in its nature. Sorry for the loss, but you guys promote the violence and death.

  4. Go one step more. Challenge all the candidates for statewide office to donate to this young man's family. You got the bully pulpit, use it for something good.