Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking a look at the Haley family business life

It is usually not fair to look at a candidate’s  family’s business when judging the candidate for office.  But, in this year’s Governor’s race, Nikki Haley goes around touting her work for her family business.  So, we thought we would take a look at that family business and see what we could find.  After all, being a part of running her family’s business is what Nikki Haley claims give her the experience to be Governor.

First, let’s start with the rumors about Haley’s family business.  There are all sorts of them about the true nature of her family’s business.  The problem we at VUI have had is that no one can or will go on the record, even anonymously, about those rumors.  Which, of course, will probably lead to more rumors.

But, let’s look at the facts.  The family business Haley refers to Exotica.  It is business that sells, according to its own website, high end fashion sportswear and formal wear to women.  The website refers to “Raj”, which we assume is the mother of Nikki Haley.  The registered agent is Ajit S. Randhava, and the listed owner on the business website is Raj Randhawa, who we assume is the Raj the  Exotica website touts that “people enjoy her worldly wisdom as well as her sense of elegant style to stay fashion forward.”

And, enjoy Mrs. Randawa they must.  Because according to MANTA, Exotica, a clothing store tucked away in small Lexington shopping center, generates between 500,000 to one million dollars a year.  Not bad a for a clothing store with less than four workers and that operates from 10 til 5 Tuesday through Saturday.

Where things get confusing is trying to track all the business associations down.  Like finding out about Governor Sanford and his Brick 21, LLC that deals in real estate, it takes some homework.  And, frankly, with Haley’s family, even after the homework, it is still confusing.

Exotic International, Inc., lists Ajit S. Randhava as its registered agent.  (No misspelling, that is how the Secretary of State’s record’s have it listed.) The address is in Bamberg.  The store touted on the website is in Lexington.  Though Raj Randhawa is listed on the business website as owner, the Secretary of State shows her as on the registered agent of RAJEE,Inc., a business with the same Bamberg address what was dissolved by the state in 1998.

Then there is the Lexington address of the Exotica store.  It seems that a Simran R. Singh  was the registered agent at a business there called Exotica Women’s Fine Apparel.  Singh only had it there for a few months, as it was incorporated in February of 2006 and dissolved in August of 2006.  Singh is also the registered agent for three other businesses at a Lexington residential address.

Believe it or not, VUI started its look into Haley’s family’s businesses to bust the rumors about them.  We at VUI hate rumors.  But, frankly, we cannot do that so far.  What we found via the public records is a confusing web of business filings and whatever.  That would be none of our business, save for the fact that Haley claims that her work in her family’s business ventures is what qualifies her to be South Carolina’s next Governor.  Of course, a hint of a sex scandal will keep the major press away from such things.  But, VUI is going to keep digging.  South Carolina comes first. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haley and the GOP look they are gonna sweep this thing

We at VUI are not big fans of Nikki Haley .  We think she is lazy, and a bit ignorant of how things work. But, we also live in he real world.  And, the political reality is that Nikki Haley is going to be the next Governor of South Carolina and will defeat State Senator Vincent Sheheen soundly. 

Sheheen for all his positive attributes, has ran this campaign the wrong way  Some say he is using his campaign to help John Spratt.  Others says that Sheheen is such a an intellectual Democrat that he can not understand why people buy into the Haley propaganda machine.  It does have to be hard for a pro life, pro gun Democrat who actually has the brains to understand how things get done to be so far behind to a candidate who never shows up for work, is an accountant who can not pay her taxes, and is apparently for sale with no one caring about it.  

So, Sheheen lashed out with a negative ad.  The problem is that is his introduction to South Carolina.  And, that plays into Haley's hands.  Haley is like a used car salesman.  She has no knowledge of her product she is selling, does not work very hard, but is likable and gets sympathy when attacked for just being herself.  Add to that the climate against Democrats that Obama has created, and Sheheen has no chance.  

You read that right, Sheheen has no chance.  Sheheen might have had some chance had he ran from the Democratic Party in June and reached out to those who feel alienated by Haley in the places like the Upstate.  Instead, Sheheen has ran a campaign that makes one wonder if he could find the Upstate with a chauffeur and a road map.  Sheheen and the state Democratics seem to be all about saving John Spratt, which, frankly, they will not.

That ineptness will end in defeat for Sheheen, but if Haley racks up really big numbers, which it looks like she could, the Democrats will be shut of statewide election victories. Democrats think that they have a chance through money in the races for Lt. Governor, Superintendent of Education, and Attorney General.  But all the money that they have will be spent in vain. If Haley breaks sixty percent, which polls suggest she can, she joins Senator DeMint, who will get around seventy percent, in leading a GOP landslide.  State Representatives like Herb Kirsh could be sent home in such a wave. Frankly put, in this climate, the SC House will have about four more Republicans, and the every statewide officer will be a Republican. 

But, as said, before, the people will not get what they think.  The state is ran by Speaker Harrell and Senate President Pro Tempore McConnnell.  Washington might be in for some change, but here in SC we will have more of the same. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Governor's race is just a dog and pony show that really does not matter

Both State Representative Nikki Haley and State Senator Vincent Sheheen are trading barbs now in the race for Governor  The mainstream media acts as if the barbs matter.  They do not.  The current political climate, coupled with the ineptness of the Sheheen camapign make one thing clear:  Nikki Haley is the next Governor of South Carolina.

Such analysis does not mean VUI likes the notion of Haley as Governor.  We do not.  We will not in any  way endorse Haley.  But, that said, both major candidates are weak when it comes to leading the state.  Neither Haley or Sheheen have the charisma or the credibility to lead the state.  Both sides can mouth off their agendas and attack talking points all they want, but the truth is, the next Governor of South Carolina will be subject to the will of the General Assembly.

Both Haley and Sheheen had their chances to rise above their status.  But, both are playing it safe and listening to their well paid handlers who seem to be ignorant of the fact that the members of the General Assembly were elected by the people as well.

With the inept Sheheen campaign and the leanings of the country, election night is going to be one of celebration for the Haley team.  They will thump their chests in self importance that night, only to find the job of actually getting things done will be even harder for them than Mark Sanford.

The reasons are simple.  Though the voters might not see it, members of the General Assembly see and understand that Haley never works.  While they were rolling up their sleeves and doing the hard work of the people, Haley was out campaigning and posing.  That will take its toll.

Another reason is that Haley is inept at how things work.  Ironically, that will help her get elected.  Being dumb seems a requirement now for statewide office in South Carolina. Sound bites will not get important measures passed.

Then there are the ethical issues.  Frankly, the taxes paid late are not a big deal.  Every small business person with a good business head does such a thing.  The consulting fees out of the blue with some engineering company?  Well, there is some political red meat to that.

But, it will not be enough for the inept Sheheen campaign to win on.  But, it could be huge embarrassment for the state as then Governor Haley takes office.  Such things will further weaken Haley’s ability to push her agenda through the General Assembly.

Further, if some miracle struck, and Sheheen beat Haley, Sheheen faces a similar situation.  His relationship with Republicans is almost as weak as Haley’s.  Both candidates for Governor have so compromised themselves and are so relatively weak that either of them will be subject to the whims of the General Assembly.

The situation is clear.  Sheheen and Haley will battle it out for the honor of being called the Governor of South Carolina this fall, but the real power over what happens in the state remains with House Speaker Bobby Harrell and State Senate President Glen McConnell.  The race for Governor is just a dog and pony show. 

Getting back to business

The posting on Voting under the Influence has been a bit slow lately for good reasons.  Things like vacations, football coaching and the like have kept us from going full strength on politics.  In fact, one staffer is still on a motorcycle ride out in the American west.  

But, starting next week, VUI will be back full forced.  We will be taking a look at all the statewide races and non-races, Congressional races and selected local races.  We will be looking at things like the ineptness of the Sheheen campaign and things like that.  

The Top 9 will be returning as well.  Thanks for reading and for commenting.  The next few weeks are going to be fun.  

Monday, September 20, 2010

Post Number 1000: a tribute to Johnny Cash

It is hard to believe, but Voting under the Influence has been around for a good while now.  This is post number 1000.  We at VUI love Johnny Cash.  Also, as the editor and founder, I have traveled a good bit over the years, including being in each incorporated town in South Carolina.  I have been in more living rooms than television.  No brag, just fact.  So, it is fitting that we mark post number 1000 with a Johnny Cash tune, "I have been everywhere."   Thanks for reading and commenting. It is a privilege to write this blog for the people of South Carolina to comment on life and politics in the Palmetto State.  Now, to the good stuff from the late Johnny Cash....

Your freedom of religion ends where my right to live begins

Years ago a law school professor explained to me the rights of freedom versus liberty.  He told me that my freedom to throw my fist ended with where his nose began.  In other words, his nose enjoyed the liberty of not being hit by the freedom of my fist. It is was a simple example, but a true one.  Freedom of religion ends where it starts trampling on others to live and work as they please.

Before you liberals get all happy about that statement, I am not talking about the fundamentalist Christians who don’t want you or me to drink beer.  I am talking about the people that liberals tell us to kowtow to, Islamic fundamentalists.    For those who of you who might be easily offended, stop reading here.

Frankly, it is time we called Islamic extremists for the what they are.  They are nuts.  Any group that wants to kill someone over drawing a cartoon is nuts.  Being “sensitive” to their insanity only enables them.  And, let’s be clear about things.  The fundamentalist Christian might tell you that you are going to Hell for your drinking of beer.  The Islamic fundamentalist will kill you to send you there quick.  Forget the punch to the nose, if you do not believe and live how the Islamic fundamentalists think you should, they kill you.  Your liberty to live is destroyed.

That is why is difficult to understand why liberals in the United States, people who would frankly be killed by Islamic extremists for their own lifestyles, champion things like tolerance for Muslims who flout simple state laws.  Take for example the driver’s licenses.  States require that photographs be taken of the license holder and placed upon the license.  Some liberals find that offensive to Muslims, who think that women should always keep that faces covered.  Public safety does not come into their minds.  Sure, your grandmother can be stripped searched at the airport, but what an offense to make someone wanting get a driver’s license show her face.

Further, there is this business about drawing cartoons of images of Muhammad.  Liberals might not like Christians, but when “Piss Christ” was shown at the New York Metro Art Musuem, no one tried to kill the guy who made that trash or the people who showed it. But, draw any image of Muhammad, and suddenly the nut jobs of extreme Islam want you dead.  Liberals, including the Obama Administration, now moan on about not offending Muslims with such cartoons.   It is insanity.

Further, let’s be frank.  Any writing, artwork ,song or poem critical of Muhammad draws death threats from Muslim extremists and cries of insensitivity from American liberals, including the Obama Administration.   No other religious or political figure in the world enjoys such protection from criticism.  In today’s Islamic politically correct world, if you draw a cartoon of Jesus and Buhda getting it on with three coeds, hurray for your freedom of expression.  If you draw a cartoon of Muhammad sitting by a pond feeding ducks, you are insensitive and somebody will be out to kill you.  It is nuts.

Frankly, it is an outrage.  In the United States, we believe in freedom of religion.  But, that freedom of religion ends where the rights of others to express their own beliefs without fear of death begins.  No one has to like your opinion but they should not kill you over it.  And, our government should not strive to be “tolerant” of any group that desires to kill people over opinions,  If Muslims do not like that, they can leave the United States.  This is America, not Saudi Arabia.  Live like you want to in you own country, but don’t come to the land of freedom and tell us to shut it down for you.  A nomadic merchant from the middle east is not going to take down the freedom of the United States. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How victories and champions are made

I am not a great man. I run a blog that comparatively has lasted a while and received some attention. Some feel their blogs and writings define their lives. Fair enough.  But, it has been my privilege to be a part of winning campaigns, championship sports teams, and moderately successful businesses.  From that I learned the essentials of being a winner or a champion.  

The first essential is commitment.  That word is one that people run from today.  Being committed to a team or a campaign seems in today's culture to be naive.  But being committed causes you to make a difference.  From political campaigns to youth sports teams, those who are committed and do the things others feel they are too good to do makes the difference.  

I am talking a level of commitment that causes egos to be checked.  In politics that means realizing, no matter how smart you think you are, that your role in a statewide campaign is just putting out a few signs or talking to neighbors about the candidate you support. In sports, it is accepting you or your kid will not play every down, but that by giving your all in practice and in support of the team, you help make champions and become a champion yourself.  In sports or politics, if you are committed to do your role with enthusiasm, you leave the field every much of a champion or winner as the better known victors.  

That brings up the second essential to winning : appreciation.  In politics, a candidate and his inner circle have to appreciate and respect the volunteer who puts up signs or talks to his neighbors every bit as much as the guy who wrote the big check.  Likewise, in sports, the coaches, players, parents, and supporters have to appreciate the kid who goes out there and makes the starters work hard every practice.  In politics or sports, every person on the team that gives his or her all counts and ought to be appreciated.  Be sure to never insult someone that given so much to your team.  It might seem beneath self professed great strategic minds, but slights to those who give all they have, even if they give little in the eyes of some, destroys morale. Never, ever, think someone, including your kid, is a loser just because they are a role player.  Role players make winning teams.

The third essential to success is simple: spend your time and energy on how to get things done, not on excuses on why they cannot be done.  Victimization is a part of the American culture now.  So many spend so much energy finding ways not be productive.  Forget that.  Find a way to get things done for your business, your campaign and your team.  If you spend time trying to explain why you cannot do something, you are setting yourself up to be a loser.

That brings up the fourth essential to winning:  be positive.  Do not be a Pollyanna that ignores reality, but look for the positive, believe in yourself, your business, your campaign and your team.  If you look around and you cannot believe in the organization that you are in, find a way to get out of it and go be a part of something that you believe in .   If your find yourself part of a team or business that is not committed, not appreciative, and does not work to get things done, go elsewhere.  Because without those first four essentials, the fifth essential will not work.

That fifth essential is having plans through preparation.  Once a team or campaign has people that are committed, appreciate one another, work to find ways to get things done, are positive, plans through preparation carry them to victory.  Plans created by preparation are essential.  Life comes at you with all sorts of upheaval, in business, in campaigns, or on the football field.  But, if you have a prepared plan, and calmly stick to it, with minor revisions, you are ahead of most people.  Far to many people let events dictate their actions.  People who have plans weather the storm and stick to their essential message or gameplan.  Some call it being proactive.  I simply call it making sense of chaos.  It is being calm in the storm, and that, more often than not, leads to victory through the storm. Co-workers will challenge the plans, as will campaign supporters and sports supporters of sports teams.  Everyone in the storm will think that they know better than you do.  But, stick to your plans.  You are the one that put in the hard work to make them.

There are no guarantees in life.  Even if you follow the above five essentials, you are going to find defeat.  That is life.  But, if you decide to be committed, appreciate those who work for you, find a way to get things done, be positive and stick to your thought out plans, chances are that you will win in business, politics and sports.  But, if you fail, there is the sixth essential, don't give up, try it all again with enthusiasm.  Getting knocked down, and getting back up is how true champions are made.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Forget politics, its it time for the boys of fall

Forget your degree in political science and how you think how people  in this state think.  . When you coach or play the the great game, one thing rings true, you mess with one of us, you mess with us all.  Line it up and strap it on, the boys are ready, brother. Have fun and lead and get it done.

Will Rob Miller join John Spratt in no cameras and no recorders in debates or appearances

Entrenched Washington Democratic Liberal John Spratt has made one thing clear this election season.  His campaign wants no cameras or recorders at his debates or events.  Indeed, reports are his staff will get in your face if you try to record a debate or appearance by the tired old Democrat facing Republican Mick Mulvaney.  

That makes VUI wonder.  Does the Rob Miller campaign in the Second District have the same policy?  Are they going to pounce on people just trying to record campaign event remarks?  If not, what does Miller think about Spratt's policy?  It has to be one helluva handicap for Miller in that his own party's greatest incumbent has a campaign that seems to be paranoid about recorded remarks in things, like, gulp, debates.  How can Miller criticize Congressman Wilson when his own party's big guy runs away from being recorded?  

Just something to ponder.  The SC Democrats might want Miller to make some noise, but they do not expect him to win.  They are fighting with all they have to save Spratt.  The "you lie" guy is not on their radar as Spratt faces the fight of his political life.  That has to be hard news for Miller.  He has a lot of money.  He has the President and the Speaker cooking up things.  But, with Spratt evading folks so on the campaign trail, Miller is being saddled with such evasions.  That is reality.  The Miller campaign would never admit such, but trust VUI, they are not feeling the love from the Democratic Party.  The Spratt fight is leaving Miller on his own. That includes putting Miller in the real hard spot of campaigning against an incumbent for his ways when his own party's leading incumbent seems so much worse.  

Of course, Miller and his people will spin the situation.  But, if they have any sense, they are ticked at Spratt.  The Spratt campaign is taking up all the oxygen in the room and setting precedents for incumbents that will be hard to overcome this Fall.  Joe Wilson should send John Spratt a thank you letter, right after he writes one to President Obama and Speaker Pelosi for their involvement. 

Historical truth, the real world and the Republican Party

For years, Democrats have gotten away with calling Republicans racists to stir up Black votes for the Democratic Party at the polls.  However, a look at history shows that just is not true. 

In fact, Republicans were big supporters of the various Civil Rights bills that made their way through Congress in the 1960s.  For example, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 got 80 percent support in the United States House from Republicans and 82 percent support from Republicans in the United States Senate.   Those levels were both higher than Democratic support.

Yet, the myth of Republicans and racism remains the best propaganda con job of all time. It is not about race and who believe in freedom, it is about who believes in big government.   If you doubt that read these words from that old Democratic stalwart Robert Byrd.

“ I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

Yep, that is the same Senator Robert Byrd who passed this year and had President Obama attend his funeral.  Byrd never issued an apology for that statement.  But, Byrd did not have to.  He was a Democrat. Byrd believed in big government.  As such, he could be racist and still everyone liberal loved him. 
There is a reason for that.  It is simple.  Republicans and conservatives who have a brain believe that if the field of life is made equal, all people, whatever color or gender or whatever, can strive to succeed if government gets out of their way and lets them.  Liberals on the other hand, think that there are groups of people that cannot make it without their help.  Thus it is easy for them to call Republicans racists and embrace a racist big government type like Byrd.  As we say in the South, bless those liberals’ hearts, they just can’t help believing that they know better than the people they claim to be for. 

People often do not want the truth.  But, the cold hard truth is a Republican who stands for limited government without racism is a far better friend to minorities than a Democrat who thinks minorities need their help to make it.  Democrats created the ultimate big government with Jim Crow laws in the South.  They now offer more insult in telling people that the big government that kept schools segregated and things like that is the only way for people to make their way now. 

People are people. Black, white, red, straight or gay, people should be judged in the marketplace on their performance, not on anything else.  VUI admits that there are elements of the Tea Party movement that dwell on race, and we wrote against that.  But, that does not excuse big government liberals from their own brand of racism.  Either one believes everyone is equal to them and judges on performance or they do not.  Trying to fix the game of life one way or another is just another way of saying certain people cannot compete.  It is arrogance.  It is racism. It is ignorant. 

Those Republicans in Congress voted for an equal playing field in life back in the 1960s.  History denies them their place in moving this country forward.  History forgets that Jim Crow was a big government function.  History forgets that Democrats arrogantly patronize people time and time again. 

Let’s make this one point clear.  People who judge people on race are ignorant.  Being a true conservative means believing in the freedom of all people.  It means believing in all people having the gifts to make the most of their lives.  It means not judging on skin color or whatever.  Believing in freedom is a call to morality on the most basic level.  The laws of economics teach us that discrimination on race or gender or even sexuality in the market place is a waste.  Few want to acknowledge that truth.

Our government should vigorously protect the civil and property rights of everyone, and then get out of their way and let them flourish.  The Tea Party types and the liberals will not like that idea.  Government has its place.  However, when government acts to decide what competent adults among us need special treatment, it insults us all.  Let that sink in.  Think on it.  If you are a farmer in Manning, what right does the government have to tell you that you cannot make it without government help?   On the flip side, government has no business telling you how to worship God.

Frankly, most Americans, black, white, whatever, can get along fine without the big government types found in the Tea Party and the left wing of the Democratic Party.  Most of us work well together and get along just fine.  Sure there are some malcontents, but they are known.    If you doubt that, look to your life.  Look around you.  On the sports field or factory floor, if you are honest, you know people of all races that get the job done.  They are your friends. They are your colleagues. You coach with them.  You eat with them.  You share with them.  You care about them. You know their kids.   You judge them for the people that they are, not the race they are, if you have a brain.  Why should our government do anything less?  

That is what the Republican Party should be about today.  Forget all the nonsense about the President.  It is time to be about the people that make this country what it is and working to get government out of their way. Either you really believe that everyone has an equal right to the seat at the table that is America or you don't.  And, if you are some liberal or Tea Party character who honestly believes that there are no Blacks or Hispanics or whatever not more capable than you, well, you are lost and you don't have a clue what being a conservative and believing in freedom is all about.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rumored Top 9 favorite songs by politicians and bloggers in SC

9) The Alan Wilson for Attorney General Campaign:  "Signs" by Tesla. 

8) GOP Lt. Governor nominee Ken Ard: "The Legend of the Wooley Swamp" by the Charlie Daniels Band

7) Blogger Earl Capps: "Darling Nikki" by Prince.

6) State Senator Vincent Sheeheen: "She Blinded me with Science" by weird 80s guy.

5) Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom:  "The Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins.

4) Blogger Will Folks: " Goodbye Earl aka Earl's gotta Die" by the Dixie Chicks

3) State Senator Jake Knotts: "If the South woulda won, We would have had it made" by Hank Williams Jr.

2) Rep. Nikki Haley: "Rocket Queen" by Guns N Roses

1) Governor Mark Sanford: "Ring of Fire" by the great Johnny Cash

Saturday, September 04, 2010

How a blogger feels about a candidate for governor

We at VUI love Junior Brown and his alternative country music brand.  All we got to say about this video is this is the life of the lonely blogger.  

The hit job on Joe Wilson

Congressman Joe Wilson of the Second District of South Carolina is a politically smart man.  He had to know that when shouted out “you lie” to President Obama during the President’s speech on so called healthcare reform it would have consequences.

The first consequences were easy to detect.  Wilson’s Democratic opponent, Rob, “I am so mad I might set my own head on fire” Miller got big money rolling in.  Then, Wilson got even more money rolling in.  It looked as if Wilson would get away with calling it like he saw it.

But, not so fast.  The liberal Democratic leadership in the United States House found out that Wilson spent less then twenty dollars on some goblets to hand out to people he represented who served in Afghanistan.  With that, they opened a monkey trial styled ethics investigation against Wilson a couple of days before federal election law forbade them from doing so.

The liberal Democratic leaders of the United States House, trying to find someway to cling to power in in a year that is sure to send them packing found an ally in the liberal leaning McClatchy Group that owns The State newspaper in Columbia.  The State so far has published two downright biased hit jobs against Wilson, one about the investigation, and another about it that mentions how much the Congressman travels.

Not only are the sources that the articles quote a bit questionable, but The State does not even hint at the travel and other expenses of Fifth District Congressman John Spratt, who is in the political fight of his political life or Jim Clyburn, who seems to just have a free pass to do as he pleases in regards to what The State reports.

Such is politics. When you call the President of the United States on something, the big money and liberal interests that funded him will push the buttons and go after you.  When a big liberal media group owns a big paper in your district, watch out.  They are going to go after you anyway that they can.

Such is the shame of politics today.  Big moneyed media send their reporters on witch hunts to prove their political points.  They are apparently joined by the Speaker of the House of the United States.  After all, when the liberal President that you bought and paid for is called for actually telling a lie, you got to after that guy who called him on it.  You have to have no holds barred, as Nixon would say.  Less than twenty dollars on a some cups for some troops?  That’s easy to go after, especially when you don’t care about the troops.  After all, Congressman Wilson did not take Air Force One on a spin to New York for a date night with wife like President Obama.  That date night cost more than ten trips by Congressman Wilson.  But, that would be unholy to mention in a paper like The State.

As such, VUI challenges The State.  Look at Spratt and Clyburn with the same fire you look at Wilson.  Chances are you will not and cannot do that.  You got jobs to keep.  But, deep down, are doing hit jobs on a Congressman who mouthed off at the President what you signed up for?  Joe Wilson represents his district well.  Like his positions or not, there is not one hint of corruption around him.  This hit job is despicable.  We further challenge Rob Miller to denounce it.  

Friday, September 03, 2010

Enjoy Labor Day but beware of the Highway Patrol

Labor Day Weekend is here. It will be time for football, fun, grilling out and yes, drinking.  Enjoy yourselves.  Just remember not to drink and drive.  The SC Highway Patrol and other law enforcement will be out in force to protect people from themselves this holiday weekend. 

Call a cab.  Stay the night with a friend.  Find a a ride. Walk home.  Just don't risk your life and the lives of others by getting behind the wheel drunk.

And, for those guys in SCHP working this weekend, and other law enforcement, who VUI is big fans of, we offer this tribute from Junior Brown.  You guys get it done for low pay and little respect from most people. VUI says thank you. 

Thursday, September 02, 2010

You got to have the class to understand everyone counts

Being conservative in politics is a tough deal for most people.  You have to believe in freedom.  You have to believe that the guy whose opinions and ways you do not like has to have the same freedoms you do.  You have to believe the lowest amongst us contribute and make a difference.  Believing the in the worth of everyone and their freedoms is hard stuff.  Respecting everyone is something not easy for people to do.

Liberals like to talk about freedom, but they often have a set of ideas that they think of the rest of us should live by, and if we don’t, we are evil in their eyes.  Unfortunately, there are a growing number of people who call themselves conservatives who actually feel the same way.  They just have different ideas.  But, they still want people to live like them, think like them and be under their control and they, like liberals, work to make government make that happen.

Frankly that is not American.  I guess we go up on the Homeland Security watch list now, as we believe in true freedom and the value of everyone from sports teams to everyday life.  What made America great, when other world powers were competing against us, was that we were a people who saw the value of everyone and believed that they should be free to fail, and find ways to achieve not thought of by some government planner after they failed.  The American spirit has always been one of contributing to the greater good in the way found, making a difference through freedom.

Such differences are found in sports teams and in life in general.  For example, the kid who only plays a few downs in a football game helps the stars perform by showing up and working hard in practice, helping to make the stars better at their jobs.  The custodian who keeps the office clean of trash helps keep the mind the great businessman free from such worries and allows him to think of innovations.

What is missing so much today is the class that comes with pride.  The kid who does not play every down should not be ashamed or complain about not playing every down.  Instead, he should have the class to be proud to be a part of making the team better.  In the real business world, the low man on the business totem pole should be proud to be a part of the team that achieves and makes a difference.

That said, those at the top of the heap should show their respect.  As the running back who scores a touchdown in football should thank the lineman for the block or the kid on the scout team who helped to make him better, the businessman should respect the people who freed him from things like taking out the garbage and cleaning bathrooms.  As stated before, everyone in a free society counts and should be respected.

But, that is not happening in politics today.  The people who do not have big money to give to candidates of both parties are shunned  or patronized.  They might be willing to work day and night to do the little jobs of placing signs at precincts or making phone calls, but by and large, they are treated like they are worthless.  Some twenty something who has no idea about the political landscape that the poor volunteer actually lives in will treat that volunteer like he or she is a piece of manure.  They just cannot help themselves.

And, we wonder why there are groups like the Tea Party rising up on the right and shocking nominees like Alvin Greene on the left.  The politicos think that they can manipulate people and patronize them.  The media thinks people are worried about who is having sex with whom.  Both groups jump the first chance they get at the rawest idea.

The people, though, still try to make a difference in their own little way.  That is the saving grace of America and South Carolina.  Everyday there are people who go out and work their hearts out to make a difference in their jobs, charities, churches and things like youth sports.  Those people are America.  Those people are cheated by the game players and greedy people that make up the so called political class and media. They simply think that we average people do not count and are just sheep to be manipulated. 

Former President Bush shows class

The story is a little old, but it deserves attention.  Former President George W. Bush, with no votes to gain, and his wife Laura, showed up at the Dallas Forth Worth Airport back in August to welcome home troops who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq. The gesture is one of many the former President does to show his respect for the troops.  Liberals love to hate the former President and blame him for their ingrown toenails.  So be it.  That is politics.  But, former President Bush has class and respect for our military.  Even the most crass of liberals have to give that to the man that if they are intellectually honest.  

Here is a video about the former President at the airport.  Enjoy and share former President Bush's pride and respect for the troops that protect our freedom. 

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Alvin Greene is on the scene

The following video promoting Alvin Greene for United States Senate is offered without comment.  Form your own opinions...all we say is only in South Carolina...