Friday, September 24, 2010

Haley and the GOP look they are gonna sweep this thing

We at VUI are not big fans of Nikki Haley .  We think she is lazy, and a bit ignorant of how things work. But, we also live in he real world.  And, the political reality is that Nikki Haley is going to be the next Governor of South Carolina and will defeat State Senator Vincent Sheheen soundly. 

Sheheen for all his positive attributes, has ran this campaign the wrong way  Some say he is using his campaign to help John Spratt.  Others says that Sheheen is such a an intellectual Democrat that he can not understand why people buy into the Haley propaganda machine.  It does have to be hard for a pro life, pro gun Democrat who actually has the brains to understand how things get done to be so far behind to a candidate who never shows up for work, is an accountant who can not pay her taxes, and is apparently for sale with no one caring about it.  

So, Sheheen lashed out with a negative ad.  The problem is that is his introduction to South Carolina.  And, that plays into Haley's hands.  Haley is like a used car salesman.  She has no knowledge of her product she is selling, does not work very hard, but is likable and gets sympathy when attacked for just being herself.  Add to that the climate against Democrats that Obama has created, and Sheheen has no chance.  

You read that right, Sheheen has no chance.  Sheheen might have had some chance had he ran from the Democratic Party in June and reached out to those who feel alienated by Haley in the places like the Upstate.  Instead, Sheheen has ran a campaign that makes one wonder if he could find the Upstate with a chauffeur and a road map.  Sheheen and the state Democratics seem to be all about saving John Spratt, which, frankly, they will not.

That ineptness will end in defeat for Sheheen, but if Haley racks up really big numbers, which it looks like she could, the Democrats will be shut of statewide election victories. Democrats think that they have a chance through money in the races for Lt. Governor, Superintendent of Education, and Attorney General.  But all the money that they have will be spent in vain. If Haley breaks sixty percent, which polls suggest she can, she joins Senator DeMint, who will get around seventy percent, in leading a GOP landslide.  State Representatives like Herb Kirsh could be sent home in such a wave. Frankly put, in this climate, the SC House will have about four more Republicans, and the every statewide officer will be a Republican. 

But, as said, before, the people will not get what they think.  The state is ran by Speaker Harrell and Senate President Pro Tempore McConnnell.  Washington might be in for some change, but here in SC we will have more of the same. 


  1. I think you are wrong about this. I understand the party activists are being pressured to get on board publicly. Kudos to those Republicans who are standing up for what is best for the state of South Carolina. Putting principle before party despite threats from Floyd. I wish some of you with a big microphone would use your voice instead of succumbing to the bully tactics of Haley & friends. All of us will suffer if she wins.

  2. It's "has run," not "has ran."

  3. Anon #1, I'm not being bullied by anyone, and I haven't touched Haley with a ten foot pole. Except for the occasional rabing ramblings by a Haley supporter or two.

  4. What humor!

    Good God SC is one of the most REPUBLICAN states in the country in one of the best years for the GOP ever!

    So Sheheen is gonna lose?


    What insight!He never had a chance.Even in a GOOD Democratic year he would have had at best about a 25% chance

    Any more "analysis?"

  5. Actually, anon #3 you are pretty stupid, aren't you. True, the GOP wins Presidential elections in SC, but the Democrats always pick up a statewide office of some sort and are competitive in the Governor's race.

    Go back to watching the ball game or caring about Lindsay Lohan or smoking your grass.

    What McCarty, who is an asshole, is saying is that a historic sweep is about to happen, but it doesn't matter. Smoke less weed, dude.

  6. "...always pick up a state office of some sort."

    Once again


    The Democrats have won the Governorship ONCE since 1982

    And that was when the Confederistas got pissed at Beasley over the Confederate flag

    For some odd reason you Republicans like to pretend that SC is not one of the most Republican states in the nation

    The point is Haley is going to win because she is the REPUBLICAN candidate in a REPUBLICAN state in a big REPUBLICAN year

    Go back to flying the Confederate flag and watching Glenn Beck!

  7. Has money alone ever won the Ds a race here?