Friday, September 10, 2010

Historical truth, the real world and the Republican Party

For years, Democrats have gotten away with calling Republicans racists to stir up Black votes for the Democratic Party at the polls.  However, a look at history shows that just is not true. 

In fact, Republicans were big supporters of the various Civil Rights bills that made their way through Congress in the 1960s.  For example, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 got 80 percent support in the United States House from Republicans and 82 percent support from Republicans in the United States Senate.   Those levels were both higher than Democratic support.

Yet, the myth of Republicans and racism remains the best propaganda con job of all time. It is not about race and who believe in freedom, it is about who believes in big government.   If you doubt that read these words from that old Democratic stalwart Robert Byrd.

“ I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

Yep, that is the same Senator Robert Byrd who passed this year and had President Obama attend his funeral.  Byrd never issued an apology for that statement.  But, Byrd did not have to.  He was a Democrat. Byrd believed in big government.  As such, he could be racist and still everyone liberal loved him. 
There is a reason for that.  It is simple.  Republicans and conservatives who have a brain believe that if the field of life is made equal, all people, whatever color or gender or whatever, can strive to succeed if government gets out of their way and lets them.  Liberals on the other hand, think that there are groups of people that cannot make it without their help.  Thus it is easy for them to call Republicans racists and embrace a racist big government type like Byrd.  As we say in the South, bless those liberals’ hearts, they just can’t help believing that they know better than the people they claim to be for. 

People often do not want the truth.  But, the cold hard truth is a Republican who stands for limited government without racism is a far better friend to minorities than a Democrat who thinks minorities need their help to make it.  Democrats created the ultimate big government with Jim Crow laws in the South.  They now offer more insult in telling people that the big government that kept schools segregated and things like that is the only way for people to make their way now. 

People are people. Black, white, red, straight or gay, people should be judged in the marketplace on their performance, not on anything else.  VUI admits that there are elements of the Tea Party movement that dwell on race, and we wrote against that.  But, that does not excuse big government liberals from their own brand of racism.  Either one believes everyone is equal to them and judges on performance or they do not.  Trying to fix the game of life one way or another is just another way of saying certain people cannot compete.  It is arrogance.  It is racism. It is ignorant. 

Those Republicans in Congress voted for an equal playing field in life back in the 1960s.  History denies them their place in moving this country forward.  History forgets that Jim Crow was a big government function.  History forgets that Democrats arrogantly patronize people time and time again. 

Let’s make this one point clear.  People who judge people on race are ignorant.  Being a true conservative means believing in the freedom of all people.  It means believing in all people having the gifts to make the most of their lives.  It means not judging on skin color or whatever.  Believing in freedom is a call to morality on the most basic level.  The laws of economics teach us that discrimination on race or gender or even sexuality in the market place is a waste.  Few want to acknowledge that truth.

Our government should vigorously protect the civil and property rights of everyone, and then get out of their way and let them flourish.  The Tea Party types and the liberals will not like that idea.  Government has its place.  However, when government acts to decide what competent adults among us need special treatment, it insults us all.  Let that sink in.  Think on it.  If you are a farmer in Manning, what right does the government have to tell you that you cannot make it without government help?   On the flip side, government has no business telling you how to worship God.

Frankly, most Americans, black, white, whatever, can get along fine without the big government types found in the Tea Party and the left wing of the Democratic Party.  Most of us work well together and get along just fine.  Sure there are some malcontents, but they are known.    If you doubt that, look to your life.  Look around you.  On the sports field or factory floor, if you are honest, you know people of all races that get the job done.  They are your friends. They are your colleagues. You coach with them.  You eat with them.  You share with them.  You care about them. You know their kids.   You judge them for the people that they are, not the race they are, if you have a brain.  Why should our government do anything less?  

That is what the Republican Party should be about today.  Forget all the nonsense about the President.  It is time to be about the people that make this country what it is and working to get government out of their way. Either you really believe that everyone has an equal right to the seat at the table that is America or you don't.  And, if you are some liberal or Tea Party character who honestly believes that there are no Blacks or Hispanics or whatever not more capable than you, well, you are lost and you don't have a clue what being a conservative and believing in freedom is all about.


  1. goldwater girlSeptember 10, 2010

    Just when I want to call you a clown, you write something like this. I wonder how many of your fellow Republicans will read this and take this to heart. Barry Goldwater would be proud.

  2. You left out Margaret Spranger and her efforts to wipe out the black race through abortion. She is a heroine to the pro choice folks and to the KKK.

  3. charkeston truth seekerSeptember 10, 2010

    when will you tell us about you fling with nikki haley. I hsve sources. I know. Come clean or be exposed.

  4. Strom ThurmondSeptember 11, 2010

    You tell em bo!