Saturday, September 04, 2010

The hit job on Joe Wilson

Congressman Joe Wilson of the Second District of South Carolina is a politically smart man.  He had to know that when shouted out “you lie” to President Obama during the President’s speech on so called healthcare reform it would have consequences.

The first consequences were easy to detect.  Wilson’s Democratic opponent, Rob, “I am so mad I might set my own head on fire” Miller got big money rolling in.  Then, Wilson got even more money rolling in.  It looked as if Wilson would get away with calling it like he saw it.

But, not so fast.  The liberal Democratic leadership in the United States House found out that Wilson spent less then twenty dollars on some goblets to hand out to people he represented who served in Afghanistan.  With that, they opened a monkey trial styled ethics investigation against Wilson a couple of days before federal election law forbade them from doing so.

The liberal Democratic leaders of the United States House, trying to find someway to cling to power in in a year that is sure to send them packing found an ally in the liberal leaning McClatchy Group that owns The State newspaper in Columbia.  The State so far has published two downright biased hit jobs against Wilson, one about the investigation, and another about it that mentions how much the Congressman travels.

Not only are the sources that the articles quote a bit questionable, but The State does not even hint at the travel and other expenses of Fifth District Congressman John Spratt, who is in the political fight of his political life or Jim Clyburn, who seems to just have a free pass to do as he pleases in regards to what The State reports.

Such is politics. When you call the President of the United States on something, the big money and liberal interests that funded him will push the buttons and go after you.  When a big liberal media group owns a big paper in your district, watch out.  They are going to go after you anyway that they can.

Such is the shame of politics today.  Big moneyed media send their reporters on witch hunts to prove their political points.  They are apparently joined by the Speaker of the House of the United States.  After all, when the liberal President that you bought and paid for is called for actually telling a lie, you got to after that guy who called him on it.  You have to have no holds barred, as Nixon would say.  Less than twenty dollars on a some cups for some troops?  That’s easy to go after, especially when you don’t care about the troops.  After all, Congressman Wilson did not take Air Force One on a spin to New York for a date night with wife like President Obama.  That date night cost more than ten trips by Congressman Wilson.  But, that would be unholy to mention in a paper like The State.

As such, VUI challenges The State.  Look at Spratt and Clyburn with the same fire you look at Wilson.  Chances are you will not and cannot do that.  You got jobs to keep.  But, deep down, are doing hit jobs on a Congressman who mouthed off at the President what you signed up for?  Joe Wilson represents his district well.  Like his positions or not, there is not one hint of corruption around him.  This hit job is despicable.  We further challenge Rob Miller to denounce it.  


  1. My Name Is jackSeptember 04, 2010

    Yeh yeh yeh
    Your hero worship of this so called "fiscal conservative" is well known.Wilson is typical of that genre ,a real "conservative",except of course, when spending public money on himself.He is just a run of the mill politician.

    Now lets get on to something MUCH more interesting.

    When are you going to "reluctantly" endorse Nikki Haley?

    All your pompous rantings against her notwithstanding.

  2. Jack does not know jack shit

  3. Voldemort Biden 2012September 09, 2010

    To consider that Duke Cunningham isn't available to be "perp walked" as a distraction while Rangel and Waters ethics issues are being aired and that to drag in Tom Delay would be to find that the only culpability is that the Daily Prophet is bowing to the party of Barack Hussein Voldemort, Jr.