Monday, September 20, 2010

Post Number 1000: a tribute to Johnny Cash

It is hard to believe, but Voting under the Influence has been around for a good while now.  This is post number 1000.  We at VUI love Johnny Cash.  Also, as the editor and founder, I have traveled a good bit over the years, including being in each incorporated town in South Carolina.  I have been in more living rooms than television.  No brag, just fact.  So, it is fitting that we mark post number 1000 with a Johnny Cash tune, "I have been everywhere."   Thanks for reading and commenting. It is a privilege to write this blog for the people of South Carolina to comment on life and politics in the Palmetto State.  Now, to the good stuff from the late Johnny Cash....


  1. Congratulations Brian McCarty! I know you got a lot going on, but I hope you keep this blog going. It is always an interesting read.

  2. If you have been everywhere, isn't there some place other than Honea Path you could choose to live in now? Leave, die, go away. HP hates you. At least I do.