Friday, September 10, 2010

Will Rob Miller join John Spratt in no cameras and no recorders in debates or appearances

Entrenched Washington Democratic Liberal John Spratt has made one thing clear this election season.  His campaign wants no cameras or recorders at his debates or events.  Indeed, reports are his staff will get in your face if you try to record a debate or appearance by the tired old Democrat facing Republican Mick Mulvaney.  

That makes VUI wonder.  Does the Rob Miller campaign in the Second District have the same policy?  Are they going to pounce on people just trying to record campaign event remarks?  If not, what does Miller think about Spratt's policy?  It has to be one helluva handicap for Miller in that his own party's greatest incumbent has a campaign that seems to be paranoid about recorded remarks in things, like, gulp, debates.  How can Miller criticize Congressman Wilson when his own party's big guy runs away from being recorded?  

Just something to ponder.  The SC Democrats might want Miller to make some noise, but they do not expect him to win.  They are fighting with all they have to save Spratt.  The "you lie" guy is not on their radar as Spratt faces the fight of his political life.  That has to be hard news for Miller.  He has a lot of money.  He has the President and the Speaker cooking up things.  But, with Spratt evading folks so on the campaign trail, Miller is being saddled with such evasions.  That is reality.  The Miller campaign would never admit such, but trust VUI, they are not feeling the love from the Democratic Party.  The Spratt fight is leaving Miller on his own. That includes putting Miller in the real hard spot of campaigning against an incumbent for his ways when his own party's leading incumbent seems so much worse.  

Of course, Miller and his people will spin the situation.  But, if they have any sense, they are ticked at Spratt.  The Spratt campaign is taking up all the oxygen in the room and setting precedents for incumbents that will be hard to overcome this Fall.  Joe Wilson should send John Spratt a thank you letter, right after he writes one to President Obama and Speaker Pelosi for their involvement. 


  1. Big Bad JohnSeptember 10, 2010

    I cannot for the life or me figure out why you defend the Wilsons. Those people think you are a joke. They have no respect for you at all. To Joe and Alan, you are just a small town hick to take advantage of. You are so dumb.

  2. Who does not laugh at Brian McCarty? Or his hick town?

  3. Honea Path...home of the three dollar whore...its published.