Monday, September 20, 2010

Your freedom of religion ends where my right to live begins

Years ago a law school professor explained to me the rights of freedom versus liberty.  He told me that my freedom to throw my fist ended with where his nose began.  In other words, his nose enjoyed the liberty of not being hit by the freedom of my fist. It is was a simple example, but a true one.  Freedom of religion ends where it starts trampling on others to live and work as they please.

Before you liberals get all happy about that statement, I am not talking about the fundamentalist Christians who don’t want you or me to drink beer.  I am talking about the people that liberals tell us to kowtow to, Islamic fundamentalists.    For those who of you who might be easily offended, stop reading here.

Frankly, it is time we called Islamic extremists for the what they are.  They are nuts.  Any group that wants to kill someone over drawing a cartoon is nuts.  Being “sensitive” to their insanity only enables them.  And, let’s be clear about things.  The fundamentalist Christian might tell you that you are going to Hell for your drinking of beer.  The Islamic fundamentalist will kill you to send you there quick.  Forget the punch to the nose, if you do not believe and live how the Islamic fundamentalists think you should, they kill you.  Your liberty to live is destroyed.

That is why is difficult to understand why liberals in the United States, people who would frankly be killed by Islamic extremists for their own lifestyles, champion things like tolerance for Muslims who flout simple state laws.  Take for example the driver’s licenses.  States require that photographs be taken of the license holder and placed upon the license.  Some liberals find that offensive to Muslims, who think that women should always keep that faces covered.  Public safety does not come into their minds.  Sure, your grandmother can be stripped searched at the airport, but what an offense to make someone wanting get a driver’s license show her face.

Further, there is this business about drawing cartoons of images of Muhammad.  Liberals might not like Christians, but when “Piss Christ” was shown at the New York Metro Art Musuem, no one tried to kill the guy who made that trash or the people who showed it. But, draw any image of Muhammad, and suddenly the nut jobs of extreme Islam want you dead.  Liberals, including the Obama Administration, now moan on about not offending Muslims with such cartoons.   It is insanity.

Further, let’s be frank.  Any writing, artwork ,song or poem critical of Muhammad draws death threats from Muslim extremists and cries of insensitivity from American liberals, including the Obama Administration.   No other religious or political figure in the world enjoys such protection from criticism.  In today’s Islamic politically correct world, if you draw a cartoon of Jesus and Buhda getting it on with three coeds, hurray for your freedom of expression.  If you draw a cartoon of Muhammad sitting by a pond feeding ducks, you are insensitive and somebody will be out to kill you.  It is nuts.

Frankly, it is an outrage.  In the United States, we believe in freedom of religion.  But, that freedom of religion ends where the rights of others to express their own beliefs without fear of death begins.  No one has to like your opinion but they should not kill you over it.  And, our government should not strive to be “tolerant” of any group that desires to kill people over opinions,  If Muslims do not like that, they can leave the United States.  This is America, not Saudi Arabia.  Live like you want to in you own country, but don’t come to the land of freedom and tell us to shut it down for you.  A nomadic merchant from the middle east is not going to take down the freedom of the United States. 


  1. Well said! Our so called "leaders" in DC are leading us on an insane trip over the cliff.

  2. Allah AkbarOctober 03, 2010

    you are a jewish pig