Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 9 reasons to write in Richard B. McCarty for Governor of South Carolina

The VUI staff came up with reasons to write their Editor in for Governor:

9) Free BBQ and beer once a month on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion

8) McCarty does not like hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

7) McCarty just says “no” to sexual advances from bloggers and lobbyists.

6) McCarty promises that the Friday before the Carolina-Clemson football game will be a paid state holiday.

5) McCarty has actually read the state constitution and will read any bills that come before him. It is called showing up to work, Ms. Haley.

4) Though committed to working with legislators, McCarty will never play “dress up” with Glenn McConnell.

3) McCarty will show up in failing schools unannounced and simply say, “What the Hell are you doing.?”

2) Money means nothing to the man. Haley and Sheheen get paid for their contacts. McCarty has no such desire. The guy would live in a tent if he thought it would help South Carolina.

1) Think how pissed the establishment would be if someone like McCarty got elected. They would go nuts. You want change? You want rebellion? Writing in McCarty would really do that. People would piss their pants.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Write in Richard B. McCarty for Governor

VUI recently became aware of a facebook movement by some of its readers to write in "Richard B. McCarty" for Governor. The staff of VUI huddled together in the Honea Path headquarters and determined that I should "go for it." So, I will.

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of being the editor of the blog known as Voting Under the Influence. Before, that I had the privilege of working in law and politics throughout the state of South Carolina. I have been in every court house in this state and thousands of living rooms.

From that, I have learned that we all have more in common than we have differences. We all want to make life better for ourselves and our children. Most of us struggle to pay our taxes and stay in compliance with all the government regulations, from car taxes to small business taxes, that hold us back. For far too long, hard working men and women look at Democrats and Republicans and find no one who will stand for them.

Well, a write in vote for me is a stand for you. I am an old political hand and I know I have little chance of getting big votes, but a write in vote for me will not be wasted. I will keep this blog running long after Election Day, and I will keep calling it like I see it. The people who make a living everyday need someone standing up for them, and well, it looks like that guy is me.

But, just for laughs, suppose I was to somehow be written into the Governor's office. What would I do? First, I would schedule a meeting with every member of the General Assembly, Democrat or Republican, in my first sixty days in office. Their time would be limited, but in that time, I would listen to what they and the people that elected them are concerned about.

My own agenda would be simple. First, I would push for no one in state government to benefit from their position in state government. That means no consulting fees for the likes of Haley or legal fees for the likes of Sheheen. Further, I would push for all out of state money to be banned from our electoral process. If folks in Florida or New York want to reform their state government or whatever with their dollars, fine, but let them have a real vested interest in South Carolina before their money affects our state government. That is the one way to make sure South Carolinians control their own state government.

There are other issues. I will always support the efforts of the South Carolina Highway Patrol and SLED to keep us safe. I will work to make sure that administrative cuts in the SC Department of Education do not cut the money we spend on school buses and mechanics for those school buses so that the children of our state travel safely to and from school.

Indeed, if God and lightening struck, I would work to reform how we currently fund school districts and work to reduce the administrative overhead at the school district level. To me, teachers and parents come first in education.

That leaves the big elephant in the room: economic development. Over the past eight years, South Carolina has been on what can be called "cruise control" on economic development. Sure, there have been some minor victories, but by and large the Governor and the well paid Department of Commerce staff have oversaw huge job losses.

Simply put, I will not need any Department of Commerce. Everyday that the General Assembly does not need me in Columbia, I will be out selling South Carolina. I know South Carolina inside and out and have a love for it that, frankly, I think would shine through. I would wake up everyday thankful to be the representative of the greatest state in the union.

Of course, all of the above is just a dream. But, if you really want to make a statement and demand someone loyal to you first, go ahead and write in "Richard B. McCarty" for Governor. If you are looking for someone who is always a advocate of South Carolina first, that write in vote will not be wasted.

Haley takes thousands of dollars from attorneys

Nikki Haley and the South Carolina Republican Party operation have made a big deal about Democratic nominee Vincent Sheheen being an attorney. If you read their press releases or see their ads, you would think being an attorney was something evil.

If they think that, fair enough. But, like everything else with the Haley campaign, what you see is not what you get. In the latest campaign disclosure, Nikki Haley reported taking thousands of dollars from attorneys and law firms. In other words, while Haley is badmouthing attorneys she is cashing their checks to her. It is all there for the world to see at the SC Ethics Commission website.

Such is a just another aspect in a long line of deception. Haley claims to be for reform with legislators pay, yet took a big consulting fee got through her contacts. Haley claims to be for lower taxes, but wants to put back the sales tax on food. Haley claims to want to work with members of the General Assembly, but stated, to her staff's chagrin it was published, that she would burn any member that did not do her bidding. It goes on and on. Haley seems like the old Earl K. Long of Louisiana back in the 1940s. Long told his staff, "the truth is what I decide it to be. " Long was at the head of a cult of personality.

Haley is not a conservative. She is not a Republican. She is the leader of a cult of personality that hijacked the GOP nomination and frankly, logic will not turn her followers. No matter what evidence of any lies or wrongdoing is presented, her followers will walk lockstep. And, those of us who dare question her will be called all sorts of names. Haley has done a remarkable sales job.

No wonder the folks from "As Seen on TV" gave Haley a contribution.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Comptroller General's race gets ugly

Charleston restaurant owner and former cock fighting lobbyist Robert Barber is back on the statewide election scene. Back in 2006, Barber lost a close race to Lt. Governor Andre Bauer. That race was known for the unlucky nature of the candidates. Bauer was in a small plane crash and Barber's restaurant burned down.

Now the man that would have been Lt. Governor wants to be Comptroller General and is on the attack. Barber is hitting Comptroller General Eckstrom hard in his television ads. Frankly, we at VUI hit Eckstrom hard back in the early spring when it came out that he was sending pathetic emails to former Superintendent of Education candidate Kelly Payne. Personal lives are personal lives, but invoking Charlie Brown, well, it took a while for us to get over that one.

That said, Eckstrom's personal woes aside, the Comptroller General is an accountant, has done a solid job with the finances of the state, and is is champion for opening the government books at all levels. As such, we forgive him for using Charlie Brown.

Robert Barber, on the other hand, seems like a guy who just wants to be elected to something. Four years ago, he was eager to exploit what were perceived weaknesses against Lt. Governor Bauer and run a negative campaign against Lt. Governor Bauer to get elected. Four years later, Barber's new boogie man is Richard Eckstrom. Maybe Barber will win. In today's election climate who knows. But, chances are if Barber was to be elected Comptroller General, he would be like the dog that finally caught the car.

That said, here is Barber's ad against Richard Eckstrom:

UPDATE: With some of the information we have received about Mr. Eckstrom's latest behavior, maybe this office should be appointed after all.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Haley’s coattails get shorter and no endorsement

Back in the summer, there was talk that Republican nominee Nikki Haley could get nearly two thirds of the vote in the Fall campaign and lead Republicans to an incredible sweep. As the summer turned to the Fall, the Teflon nature of Haley and the ineptness of the Sheheen campaign made such a scenario more likely.

But, as the leaves are turning, so is the race for Governor. While there still seems little chance that Sheheen will defeat Haley, Haley’s numbers have dipped below 50 percent for the first time since June. Haley and Sheeheen are within single digits of one another. Haley is going to have to depend upon the anti Obama effect to get elected.

There is good reason for that. No Republican nominee in the history of South Carolina politics has ever had the scandalous baggage that Haley has. Believe it or not. Like it or not. It is what it is. And, it is hurting the Haley campaign and the Republican Party.

It will also hurt the Haley Administration. Haley’s reputation for laziness is actually the most appealing negative aspect for legislators. Some are chomping at the bit to dominate state government with four more years of a Governor who does not know how to get things done, who will not work to get things done and whose greatest accomplishment will be lighting the state Christmas Tree. The more that Vincent Sheheen chips away at the margin, the more Bobby Harrell and Glenn McConnell run this state.

That is the reality of politics in South Caroilna. It is not about party as most voters think. Most folks think that voting for Haley is a voting for Republicans and against Obama. It is not. It is voting for a cult of personality that somehow hijacked the nomination. It is cult of personality that is really scary on some level. Affidavits, reports, official fines and liens and what not, all are ignored. Those who dare to point such out are called racists, evil, RINOs, whatever. Those who think for themselves and dare to tell what they see as the truth are called all sorts of names. Indeed, the Haley campaign makes sure to make people out as villains if they do not support her lockstep. Where in history has that happened before?

As such, as the numbers are closing, know that is possible to oppose the President and his politics and oppose someone like Nikki Haley being Governor. Though the Sheheen campaign would never have the guts to say it, Haley is more like Obama than Sheheen is like Obama. She is a rock star with a flimsy record who can do no wrong no matter what is brought up. Sheheen, on the other hand, is a pro-life Democrat who is about as much in President Obama’s pocket as Newt Gingrich is.

VUI is making no endorsement in the Governor’s race. We can’t support Haley, despite being conservative, because, well, Haley is not a conservative and in the end she will embarrass this state. We said the same about Sanford and were laughed at until Argentina. And as for reform, well, with her big consulting fees, trusting Haley to actually reform state government is like trusting the fox to guard the hen house. We will not endorse Sheheen, but we will say any Republican that votes for Sheheen is not voting for Obama or Pelosi. They will be voting for a conservative South Carolina Democrat who might just make the legislators work for their paychecks and has the family life, values, and work ethic that will not embarrass South Carolina. There is no shame in voting for Sheheen.

That guy from Alabama with the rifle gets in the Georgia Governor's race

Remember the entertaining ads of Dale Peterson, a failed candidate in Alabama during primary season? Well, he is back, this time commenting on the Georgia Governor's race. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The VUI staff responds to political threats

Ruin us? Whatever. Going to go after us? Yep, whatever. Good luck with that. You forget we don't care about the games you play.

Another guy swears to sex with Nikki Haley

Just when you thought South Carolina politics could not get worse, enter Larry Marchant, a lobbyist who swore under oath he had a sexual relationship with GOP nominee Nikki Haley.

For those keeping score, that is two men who have pretty much scuttled their political careers to swear to sex with Teflon candidate Haley. VUI has been told there are others.

Whatever the final score might be, this is embarrassing for South Carolina. While it is far past time for a woman to be Governor of South Carolina, we are starting to think not this woman.

Sex scandals have embarrassed this state enough. Then when you add to that the business scandals and the lack of attention that Haley gave to her job in the State House, and well, even a rock ribbed Republican with any sense of values has to wonder.

But, the reality of the situation is what it is. Haley will be elected. People will be so mad at Obama that they will not care if Haley did this or that. She is a Republican. Sheheen is a Democrat. Haley is good. Sheheen is bad. It is right out of Animal Farm.

Those who stand up against Haley will be lucky to sell used cars in Sumter....until it all falls down. Frankly put, either Haley will resign or be impeached in disgrace or be the next Vice President of the United States. If that happens, maybe Will Folks and Larry Marchant can at least get a book deal for their efforts. The rest of us are going to be saddled with a scandal ridden Governor from day one. But, hey, at least she's not in Obama's party, right?

We must reform local government entities

We in South Carolina love local control. The argument is made that government that governs at the most local level governs best. It is an extension of the very correct theory of states’ rights. But, the growth of government at the local level in South Carolina suggests that perhaps that theory does not extend to local governments within a state.

Frankly put, the growth of government spending by school district boards, county councils and municipal governments over the past decade has skyrocketed. Local government officials fly underneath the political radar and spend millions of dollars.

If you doubt that, think on this. In the late 1990s, the South Carolina General Assembly passed property tax relief. In essence, the state government agreed to subsidize the county governments and others to lower real estate property taxes. Such seemed great at the time. But, as time as passed, local governments only found ways to take the subsidy from the state and spend more. Property taxes have increased in real dollars over the years. All the “tax relief” of the General Assembly done was increase the size and scope of local governments.

But, perhaps even more sinister is the way that local governments seem out of control. Town governments vote themselves term extensions. Folks in towns like Ware Shoals wake up with huge water bill rates, only to find that their Mayor resigned and moved away. School district boards of trustees practice “good ole boy politics” and keep their buddies in leadership and administrative positions when they are ineffective. Credit cards are misused. Some officials even use their position to benefit their businesses. Others enjoy “off the record” special breaks at businesses that their local governments regulate.

The list of problems goes on and on. It could fill a book. From the coast to the mountains, South Carolina is filled with local government entities that are oversized, spend too much, and overreach in their power. Though the strong sense of local rule in South Carolina stands in the way, something must be done to get big local government under control.

VUI offers a few ideas for consideration. First, South Carolina should have uniform municipal election dates. Perhaps they should be set in General Election years or in the odd years, but whatever such choice, it should be uniform. The people should have a general knowledge of such elections, and no local government should have the right to vote an extension of their terms of office.

Further, the Comptroller General of South Carolina shall be given the power to audit, at his discretion, the financial records of any local government entity.

In addition, South Carolina must look at consolidating school districts. The administrative overhead of school districts in South Carolina is a moral outrage. There are school districts in South Carolina in which poor students are taught by teachers who have to pay for supplies out of their own pockets, while administrators in the same districts are paid six figures.

Finally, we the people, have to pay more attention to local government. We live in a society in which people are much more likely to know their Congressman than their school board member or Mayor. That is our responsibility. As long as we do not pay attention, real reform is unlikely. For state politicians want their potential opponents fat and happy politically in local office. Frankly, that is human nature.

That said, if we are ever to get this state on track and take it to is potential, we must have state leaders with the courage to reform how we do local government. That is what is truly out of control in this state.

Friday, October 15, 2010

No Endorsement for Superintendent of Education

The race for South Carolina’s next Superintendent of Education features Republican Mick Zais and Democrat Frank Holleman. Both men have resumes that are long and impressive. General Zais served on the faculty at West Point as served as President of Newberry College. Mr. Holleman served as the Deputy Secretary of Education for the United States. Thus, on the surface, it seems that South Carolina has a race for the top educator pitting two fine men against one another.

Perhaps that is the case. But, both candidates have ran what can be called pedestrian campaigns. Zais has played up discipline and Holleman has played up his opposition to private school tuition tax credits and vouchers. Both have went on about how they support the public schools and the teachers and students. Fair enough.

But, what has lacked from both men is a real commitment to do what needs to be done. Neither candidate has vowed to take on the educrats or the culture of failure. The educrats are the people who get paid far more than teachers to do pencil pushing jobs in education administration. The educrats are the ones who demand more money to do less in the classroom. The culture of failure prevails in areas of the state in which failing at school is actually embraced by parents and peers.

Frankly put, South Carolina’s poor test performance is in correlation with its spending on overhead. That is the educrats. While we cannot find the money to pay special education teachers or even speech therapists, or even guidance counselors who help kids find their way, we pay some administrator six figures. There are those that argue that is all local and what not. Again, fair enough.

But, VUI would like a candidate for Superintendent of Education to be a true champion for the kids and the teachers and commit to really fight against the administrative overhead. Is there not someone out there with the guts to take that issue on?

Frankly, there is no candidate in this year’s race who will. Both Zais and Holleman are dancing the political dance. As such, either one of them will just be the same for kids, teachers and parents in public education.

VUI offers no endorsement in this race. Neither candidate gets what is really wrong with public education. Neither candidate seems willing to address the educrats. Neither candidate addresses what we deemed the culture for failure in earlier posts. It is six one way, half dozen another. No matter how hard either candidate thumps their chest in victory on election night, all they will do is keep doing the status quo. VUI washes its hands with such candidates. Vote for whomever. You are going to get the same results. Bank on it.

Ard for Lt. Governor

One of the interesting things about politics in South Carolina is that we elect the Lt. Governor separately from the Governor. It is a tradition rooted in the belief that the President of the Senate of South Carolina should be chosen by the people of South Carolina as a whole.

The duties as President of the South Carolina Senate are ceremonial. Real work by the next Lt. Governor will be done with the Office of Aging and using the bully pulpit of prominence on issues. Then there is the other issue to consider. When the Governor can’t be found or is out of state or resigns, the Lt. Governor either acts as Governor or becomes Governor, respectfully.

Before you think that can not happen, look at history. In the summer of 1994, then Governor Carroll Campbell was out of the state when tornadoes ripped through Lexington County. Then Lt. Governor Nick Theodore acted as Governor on a number of measures until Campbell was back. Further, Lt. Governor Robert McNair became Governor in 1965 when Governor Donald Russell resigned to become a United States Senator. In 2009, Governor Mark Sanford went AWOL from South Carolina for several days, leaving the state in limbo. Had a state emergency occurred, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer would have called the shots, so to speak.

Thus, the office of Lt. Governor is a serious one. Republican Ken Ard and Democrat Ashley Cooper are the men that would be Governor in the event of resignation of absence. Further, they are two men vying to be the second highest ranking state official in South Carolina. That deserves a look at them.

Ashley Cooper, by all accounts is decent man, dedicated to his family and to South Carolina. He served with distinction as staffer for former Senator Ernest Hollings and as an attorney. Plus, being named Ashley Cooper from Charleston has to have some Charleston appeal. That said, Cooper has no experience at getting things done. Further, his campaign has been mired in the mud. It seems like Cooper is running for Mayor of Charleston, not Lt. Governor.

That brings VUI to the Republican nominee, Ken Ard. Ard worked hard to get his party’s nomination in a tough statewide battle for the nomination. Ard is a proven businessman and local political leader. Ard knows government where it works the best and the worst: the county level. As a member of the Florence County Council, Ard worked with Democrats and Republicans alike to get things done and bring jobs to the Florence area in the midst of a bad economy. In short, Ard worked with different people to sell Florence and Pee Dee region.

Frankly, that is what South Carolina needs in a Lt. Governor. Ken Ard will be a great salesman for South Carolina, and he has the proven leadership to take over the office of Governor should it fall on him. Let’s face it, the Haley detractors see resignation or impeachment. Haley fans see the Vice Presidency in 2012. Either way, South Carolina needs a competent and experienced Lt. Governor. We will have that with Ken Ard. Their will be no feelings of uneasiness about a man like Ard becoming Governor in such situations.

But, even if such does not occur, South Carolina will be well served by Ken Ard doing for South Carolina what he did for Florence County. VUI strongly endorses Ken Ard for Lt. Governor and wishes Ashley Cooper all the best the in his future endeavors.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Either Will Folks is right or crazy

No one wants to criticize "Darling Nikki" right now and it sure as Hell is not popular to think that Will Folks is right on anything. But, frankly, we at VUI are starting to believe Will Folks. The man has ruined his political career in SC with his remarks about an alleged affair with Nikki Haley. Now, with his sworn statement, he has opened himself to perjury charges. Haley's lame response makes us wonder all the more.

Let's be clear. IF Haley and Folks got it on in an SUV in a parking lot, so be it. That is between them and Haley's husband. But, If Folks is right and Haley is lying, good grief, South Carolina has just been through that kind of nonsense.

As Editor of VUI, I will note something that have so far hesitated to mention. I knew the rumors. I was actually out in the bars in Columbia back in 2007 and saw Folks and Haley together. I thought she was divorced and that they were dating. I had no idea that she was still married when I told one so called RINO legislator that I thought Folks was dating Haley from what I saw with my own eyes one night. The remark I gave was along the line of " I think he's dating her, no wonder he supports her on his blog."

And, I guess that is what bugs me most about Nikki Haley. People saw things. I saw things. To just make like those times did not happen is an insult to people with eyes and brains. Then, for Haley's minions to attack Jim DeMint this week, well, that just took the political cake for me.

It makes one thank God that South Carolina is ran by the General Assembly and not by the Governor. Hey, I guess the good news is the new Governor won't have to travel to South America to get her kicks, right?

Is health care a public safety issue?

One of the arguments that liberals make about health care is that is an essential part of public safety, like fire departments and police departments. Such liberals argue that that such essential services to public safety are best served by government acting in a non profit nature. Fair enough.

But, what is striking about the liberal argument is that they seem enamored with the Obama Health Care plan that was passed by Congress. People who tell us that health care is to be non profit are quick to embrace a bill that forces Americans to buy health insurance policies from for profit insurance companies. The are quick to embrace a law that forces businesses to literally go out of business in order to make sure other businesses make healthy profits.

If such seems like a farce, it is. Democrats and liberals, the so called champions of the poor, are out campaigning to support their bill that forces the poor to pay the insurance companies. Think of it terms that some liberals put it. If the local fire department was treated like health care, here is how it would go with them. First, you would have to pay a for profit fire department to serve you. Then if you did not pay, they would fine you, or even worse, go on about how you did not pay your fair share as they let your house burn down, with whomever inside it. Then, they would campaign on how much making you, whether you had a job or not, pay for fire service actually was for your benefit.

Well, common sense says its not. It is for the insurance industry’s benefit. For all the harping the liberals and Democrats do about Republicans and big money, if you follow the dollars, big insurance money bought the so called Obama Health Care bill.

On the flip side, the conservative free market approach created the innovative drugs and services that make the American health care system the envy of the world. If some world leader gets sick, he goes to the United States for treatment. And, for those you who call yourselves liberals out there, the current system, before reform, made sure that someone who showed up in an American emergency room got treatment. It was actually Ronald Reagan who pushed for legislation to make sure no American emergency room could turn a patient in trouble away.

Further, and this is on Republican George W. Bush, before the so called Medicare reform bill that gave so called prescription drug coverage, states, such as South Carolina with its Silver Card program, had drug programs in place that were much more beneficial to the elderly and disabled. But, the big drug companies bought their bill.

Such is the perils of big federal government. If indeed health care is a public safety issue as so many liberals argue, than it is an issue for the states to handle. As folks in Nebraska or Oregon or Georgia know best how to provide for fire and police services, the states have the right to determine their own way of dealing with health care. The best thing to drive down health insurance and health care costs is for the federal government to get out of it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The disappointing race for Governor of South Carolina

South Carolina has created great political figures through the Governor’s office. Republicans tout Strom Thurmond and Carroll Campbell. Democrats tout Ernest Hollings and Richard Riley. All of those men were bigger than political life in South Carolina and stood bigger than the politicos of their day.

Today, we have State Representative Nikki Haley versus State Senator Vincent Sheheen. Frankly, both are disappointments. Both seem to have benefited financially from their service in the General Assembly. Both are people who seemed to enjoy the business and political contacts of their families.

The campaigns ran so far by Haley and Sheheen have done nothing to inspire the people of South Carolina Instead, they trade barbs that remind people who why neither one of them should be Governor. In pure politics, that is to Haley’s advantage. Despite her business and sex scandals, people are angry at President Obama. President Obama is a Democrat. So is Sheheen. That is Haley’s great chance. If you doubt that look at how her campaign runs ads tying Obama to Sheheen.

Yet, the truth is neither Haley or Sheheen has made a case to the people of South Carolina on how they can lead South Carolina. One of them will be the next Governor, and chances are it will be Haley. But, the winner will not lead South Carolina. The General Assembly will. The next Governor will be more ineffective than Governor Sanford in actually getting things done. Haley or Sheheen will enjoy the Mansion and pomp and circumstance, but both have ran campaigns that show they do not have what it takes to be above politics and a figure of real power.

Frankly, here is how VUI sees things. If Sheheen finds a miracle and wins, he faces a hostile General Assembly, If Haley wins as expected, not only will she face a hostile General Assembly, but scandals that will have real political legs that will drag on. Bank on it. Haley might not even politically survive her first term.

As Ken Ard is the favorite to win the Lt. Governor’s race, it might just happen that Ard ends up Governor at some point after Haley resigns or is impeached. Yes, folks, it can get that serious At the best Haley will be a lame duck Governor who does the bidding of the General Assembly to keep the honorifics. At the best Sheheen will be a Governor who has to cut deals to just get something done. That is the reality of the situation.

Neither major candidate for Governor of South Carolina seems to get what South Carolina needs. Neither have worked a day without the safety net of family political and business influences. Neither has ever worried about how to pay the electric bill or pay for health insurance. Neither are really one of us. South Carolina needs and deserves so much better.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Top signs your child attends a redneck high school

9) As you enter the football stadium, you notice a sign that reads, “NO TOBBACCO USE WITHOUT A SPIT CUP ALLOWED.”

8) The Homecoming Queen rides around in a car with a big dent in the side in it. The dent is blamed on “Will and his drinking last weekend.”

7) There are more “mullets” in the stands than wins by your football team.

6) There is a childcare program for the cheerleaders.

5) The concession stand has a guy selling soft drinks who yells out “mixers and chasers.”

4) Your kid‘s jersey has “Pickens” on it.

3) It is fourth down and one, and one of your team’s coaches blurts out over the radio from the coaches’ box, “you guys see that MILF sitting at the 30 yard line.”

2) County deputies have to sort out the mess after more than a dozen fans claim that they shot the buck that wandered into the parking lot.

1) The Homecoming Queen is sponsored by “her baby’s daddy.”

Friday, October 08, 2010

Haley is just a good ole gal

Nikki Haley seems to be the Teflon candidate for Governor of South Carolina. Any issue brought up against Haley just does not stick. Though it goes against the “do it for team” mentality of party loyalty, reform minded conservatives and Republicans need to be concerned.

First, whatever Haley has done in her sex life might be entertaining to the media, but it is none of our business. Whatever she did or did not do is between Haley and her husband. As long as Haley does not leave the state and not tell anyone to have a tryst, it is no concern of ours.

Second, the charges about Haley paying taxes late is a weak one. There a lot of good people who pay their taxes late and have hard time paying their taxes at all. Such is to be expected in a society that is overtaxed.

However, the consulting fee of $42,000 that Haley took from an engineering company while a member of the State House strikes at the heart of what those who want government reform expect from a leader. Haley and the company say that she was paid not for being a member of the State House, but because of her community ties. Perhaps so. But, what better way to get community ties then to represent the community in the State House? Haley is a CPA. If she was paid for accounting services, that is her profession. But, the notion of “consulting” because of “community ties” is troubling.

People ought be able to use their experience and expertise in the marketplace to get paid what they are worth. But, a sitting member of the State House of Representatives who clamors for reform ought to have the sense not to do so while still in office. It is dumb at best, hypocritical at worst.

Haley’s “consulting fee” shows she is no reformer, but just another good ole gal. She is part of what is wrong in Columbia today. Far too many members of the General Assembly work for clients or businesses that deal with the state. Though they will cry otherwise, the simple rules of human nature show that someone who is paid well by some business has to at least be conflicted in their obligations to the people that they were elected to represent.

Such practices are why so many people see government as bought and paid for and are so frustrated with it. The irony is that the people who are frustrated rallied around Haley in the Republican primary as one of their own. They still believe that. They seem oblivious to the fact that Haley is just a good ole gal and that her idea of reform applies to everyone but her.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

This video reminds us a candidate for statewide office and a lowcountry blogger

Open call for candidates to state why it is important to support them

VUI opens its website to all candidates for statewide and Congressional offices to prove us wrong that this is a boring year. We offer all candidates for such offices a forum here. Simply submit your remarks to touting your campaign and they will be published on this blog unedited. Only remarks from candidates or staffers of those candidates will be accepted. Write all you want to, we will publish it.

Come on, Democrats and Republicans, this is your chance to tell the voters directly, without any filters, why you should be elected to office and why people should care.

It is also free. We look forward to see who takes us up on our offer.

Outside the Fifth Congressional race, this is a boring Fall for SC

This is perhaps the most boring Fall election in South Carolina history. A good many statewide offices are uncontested, the contested races have not caught the public’s attention. Let’s take a look at the reality and how boring this election year really is.

First, there is the Governor’s race. Nikki Haley is perhaps the most controversial nominee the Republican Party has ever nominated for Governor. Sex scandals, business scandals, tax scandals, she has the them all. No one cares. The Democratic nominee State Senator Vincent Sheheen is a decent man, but his campaign is as exciting to the people as watching paint dry. Let’s face it, Nikki Haley has a better chance of being impeached as Governor then being defeated in the Fall.

That brings us to the United States Senate campaign. The media has had to dig up remarks from Jim DeMint from years ago to even try to make this mismatch interesting. Even Democrats are ho hum about their nominee, the no name Alvin Greene with the criminal charges.

The constitutional offices are not much better. Lt. Governor, which is contested by the Democrats is a race no one seems to care about, Secretary of State is uncontested, Adjutant General, Agriculture Commissioner and Treasurer are uncontested as well. In the contested races of Comptroller General and Attorney General, the Republicans seem to have commanding leads. The Superintendent of Education race between Republican Zais and Democrat Holloman seems as exciting as watching two mules fight over a turnip.

There are a handful of local races for State House and County Council and things like that might grab some attention, but the real action is in the United States Congressional races. And, in that, the only action is in the Fifth District.

Despite Joe Wilson’s “you lie” comment, he seems in position to coast to re-election. The First is going to elect a Black Republican it seems. The Third and Fourth only have token Democratic opposition. Jim Clyburn is a lock for re-election in the Sixth.

That brings VUI back to the Fifth District Congressional race. That is the most exciting and interesting race in the state. Longtime incumbent Democrat John Spratt is up against the political wall against Mick Mulvaney. That race is tight and it might determine who controls the United States Congress. Will Spratt’s legend be able to over come Obama and Pelosi? Or is John Spratt just another old Democrat who ran one race too many?

Frankly, the race in the Fifth is the only one that really grabs attention this year. The rest of the major races seem decided already. This is a boring Fall election, and trying to cover it as anything else is just a waste of time.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Alan Wilson for Attorney General

We are about a month out from an election and here we go again. A candidate for Attorney General is running well financed and slick ads about how great he is for South Carolina. Just a few months ago, we in South Carolina saw the same sort of thing. Indeed it seems that Democrat Matthew Richardson, a well heeled establishment type, is running the same type of campaign as Leighton Lord did against Alan Wilson in the GOP Primary. Richardson wants you to know he works for a big law firm, he is “smarter” and that he will fight to protect your families with his big law firm experience. And, let’s not forget Richardson’s grandpa was a legendary judge. If you are an attorney, you forget that little fact at your peril.

Where have South Carolinians heard that before? A well heeled big firm lawyer exaggerating his experience in protecting South Carolina families…hmmmm. Yep, we have heard that before.

Today, as in June, Alan Wilson is the so called “real deal.” Sure his dad is a Congressman. But, get past that, it is not like Alan is touting his dad to get elected like, uh hmmm, the grandson of a famous judge. Put that aside. Alan Wilson has spent his adult life protecting South Carolinians, be it in service as a Prosecutor or service in the military. Alan Wilson lives to protect South Carolina first.

When you put all the manure of politics aside, there is Alan Wilson. Wilson is proven in the courtroom and proven on the battlefield. Alan Wilson is further an honest man and earnest man. That is what South Carolina needs in its next Attorney General. Alan Wilson is not some lawyer from some big firm that has swindled South Carolinians for big money. Instead, Alan Wilson is a man who despite whatever, is a man who fights to protect South Carolinians and just happens to be a lawyer. That is the kind of man South Carolina needs as Attorney General.

VUI is not alone. Some Democratic Sheriffs want Alan Wilson as Attorney General. They know a good man to work with when they see him. No slick ads can take that away. VUI is proud to endorse early on Alan Wilson for Attorney General. Alan will make South Carolina proud.

Top 9 signs your college tailgating experience is going badly

Sadly, these are real life experiences from people VUI knows.

9) Everyone around you is wearing orange.

8) The woman in the parking spot beside your party gets really drunk and decides to inform everyone at your party about her std and what her boyfriend thinks of her body.

7) Two and half hours into tailgating, you pause and say out loud, “ wait a minute, didn’t my wife come with me?”

6) Some guy named Earl tells you not to worry about that. He has your wife “taken care of” in his motor home parked six spaces away.

5) Some young kid comes by and tries to give you a “Cocks for Nikki” sticker to wear to the game.

4) You find out the hard way that a drunk guy is no match for a deputy on a golf cart.

3) You find out that urinating in public can get you arrested after all.

2) The thrill of being frisked by the female cop in the tight uniform comes to an end when she is more interested in the eight mini bottles of Jack Daniels on you than anything God gave you.

1) You don’t pull for Clemson or Tennessee, but you end the night in an orange jumpsuit.

Morning in America versus Mourning in America

Some clever people took the Reagan ad from 1984 and applied it to today. VUI offers the two ads and wonders what you do think? 


 and now.....

Friday, October 01, 2010

Sheheen has to show why it is okay to vote for him

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen’s campaign has been inept so far.  Maybe they are waiting on timing or something.  But, frankly they need to act now to show that is okay for Republicans to break ranks and vote for Sheheen.

The reasons are clear.  First, Vincent Sheheen is a committed family man with family values, without one hint of marital infidelity that would embarrass the state.  His business dealings are above board and open for the world to see, not couched in family business swaps.  Sheheen is pro-life, that’s right, pro-life.  Further, Sheheen is for government restructuring, if you doubt that look at the legislation he wrote to eliminate the Budget and Control Board. As Governor, Sheheen would have a much better chance of working with the legislature, where he actually has friends, to make that happen.  Haley promises four more years of nothing and anger.

Further, when it comes to education, Sheheen’s reform stances are actually more in line with what those who champion limited and effective government want then Haley’s plan.  Add to that Sheheen does not want to raise taxes, as Haley contends to do with the food sales tax.

Such things are reasons why a conservative can be comfortable in casting a vote for Sheheen.  Why the Sheheen campaign does not highlight that and take the middle ground is beyond VUI.  Sheheen is smartest candidate, he is a candidate with values that will not embarrass the state and if you removed the party labels and just went on resumes, Sheheen is the guy most would want answering the phone if a category 5 hurricane was sitting off the coast.

If the Sheheen campaign is to have a chance in the next month, they must move him away from being a Democrat and towards being the competent independent leader of South Carolina he could be.