Sunday, October 03, 2010

Alan Wilson for Attorney General

We are about a month out from an election and here we go again. A candidate for Attorney General is running well financed and slick ads about how great he is for South Carolina. Just a few months ago, we in South Carolina saw the same sort of thing. Indeed it seems that Democrat Matthew Richardson, a well heeled establishment type, is running the same type of campaign as Leighton Lord did against Alan Wilson in the GOP Primary. Richardson wants you to know he works for a big law firm, he is “smarter” and that he will fight to protect your families with his big law firm experience. And, let’s not forget Richardson’s grandpa was a legendary judge. If you are an attorney, you forget that little fact at your peril.

Where have South Carolinians heard that before? A well heeled big firm lawyer exaggerating his experience in protecting South Carolina families…hmmmm. Yep, we have heard that before.

Today, as in June, Alan Wilson is the so called “real deal.” Sure his dad is a Congressman. But, get past that, it is not like Alan is touting his dad to get elected like, uh hmmm, the grandson of a famous judge. Put that aside. Alan Wilson has spent his adult life protecting South Carolinians, be it in service as a Prosecutor or service in the military. Alan Wilson lives to protect South Carolina first.

When you put all the manure of politics aside, there is Alan Wilson. Wilson is proven in the courtroom and proven on the battlefield. Alan Wilson is further an honest man and earnest man. That is what South Carolina needs in its next Attorney General. Alan Wilson is not some lawyer from some big firm that has swindled South Carolinians for big money. Instead, Alan Wilson is a man who despite whatever, is a man who fights to protect South Carolinians and just happens to be a lawyer. That is the kind of man South Carolina needs as Attorney General.

VUI is not alone. Some Democratic Sheriffs want Alan Wilson as Attorney General. They know a good man to work with when they see him. No slick ads can take that away. VUI is proud to endorse early on Alan Wilson for Attorney General. Alan will make South Carolina proud.


  1. You are such a freaking joke. The people who work for Wilson hate you and then think you are an idiot hick.

  2. Much ado over nothing.

    Wilson is going to win this race because he is the REPUBLICAN.

    If the roles were refversed and Richardson was the Republican candidate

    He would win.

    I get a kick out of your continuing to act as if these elections are competitive.

    They are not.

    I say that as a Democrat.

    It is evident to anyone with an OUNCE of political knowledge that SC is one of the most Republican states in the country.

    And this is one of the biggest years for the Republicans ever.

    This obsession you have with acting like there is ANY doubt about the outcome of these statewide races is remarkable

    Save your breath!