Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another guy swears to sex with Nikki Haley

Just when you thought South Carolina politics could not get worse, enter Larry Marchant, a lobbyist who swore under oath he had a sexual relationship with GOP nominee Nikki Haley.

For those keeping score, that is two men who have pretty much scuttled their political careers to swear to sex with Teflon candidate Haley. VUI has been told there are others.

Whatever the final score might be, this is embarrassing for South Carolina. While it is far past time for a woman to be Governor of South Carolina, we are starting to think not this woman.

Sex scandals have embarrassed this state enough. Then when you add to that the business scandals and the lack of attention that Haley gave to her job in the State House, and well, even a rock ribbed Republican with any sense of values has to wonder.

But, the reality of the situation is what it is. Haley will be elected. People will be so mad at Obama that they will not care if Haley did this or that. She is a Republican. Sheheen is a Democrat. Haley is good. Sheheen is bad. It is right out of Animal Farm.

Those who stand up against Haley will be lucky to sell used cars in Sumter....until it all falls down. Frankly put, either Haley will resign or be impeached in disgrace or be the next Vice President of the United States. If that happens, maybe Will Folks and Larry Marchant can at least get a book deal for their efforts. The rest of us are going to be saddled with a scandal ridden Governor from day one. But, hey, at least she's not in Obama's party, right?


  1. All of the evidence needs to come out BEFORE the election. Too many people believe Nikki's garbage!

  2. Haley won't be held to the same standards that anyone else is because she is playing the victim card well. People don't care if Haley is the person in the mansion or not as long as it is the TP candidate. It could be Christine O'Donnell just as easy. The difference between SC & DE is that the people of DE are repulsed by stupidity. Here, is makes them a media sensation and gets votes. I bet if you took the IQ scores of DE vs SC republicans, there would be a stark difference, 30 points or more. Just like Ca. Whitman & Fiorina know that be associated with a TP/Palin will have the opposite effect there as it does here and that is all due to level of intellect. As long as SC can continue to turn out illiterates, the republicans are safe here.

  3. The GOP has gone to hell in a handbasket with serial adulterers Haley and Eckstrom. Principles out the window, none of the GOP cheerleaders care at all!

  4. Actually thats the good thing to come out of this sorry spectacle.

    Never again will we have to listen to any "moral" lectures from you pompous Republican hypocrites.