Monday, October 25, 2010

Comptroller General's race gets ugly

Charleston restaurant owner and former cock fighting lobbyist Robert Barber is back on the statewide election scene. Back in 2006, Barber lost a close race to Lt. Governor Andre Bauer. That race was known for the unlucky nature of the candidates. Bauer was in a small plane crash and Barber's restaurant burned down.

Now the man that would have been Lt. Governor wants to be Comptroller General and is on the attack. Barber is hitting Comptroller General Eckstrom hard in his television ads. Frankly, we at VUI hit Eckstrom hard back in the early spring when it came out that he was sending pathetic emails to former Superintendent of Education candidate Kelly Payne. Personal lives are personal lives, but invoking Charlie Brown, well, it took a while for us to get over that one.

That said, Eckstrom's personal woes aside, the Comptroller General is an accountant, has done a solid job with the finances of the state, and is is champion for opening the government books at all levels. As such, we forgive him for using Charlie Brown.

Robert Barber, on the other hand, seems like a guy who just wants to be elected to something. Four years ago, he was eager to exploit what were perceived weaknesses against Lt. Governor Bauer and run a negative campaign against Lt. Governor Bauer to get elected. Four years later, Barber's new boogie man is Richard Eckstrom. Maybe Barber will win. In today's election climate who knows. But, chances are if Barber was to be elected Comptroller General, he would be like the dog that finally caught the car.

That said, here is Barber's ad against Richard Eckstrom:

UPDATE: With some of the information we have received about Mr. Eckstrom's latest behavior, maybe this office should be appointed after all.

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