Friday, October 08, 2010

Haley is just a good ole gal

Nikki Haley seems to be the Teflon candidate for Governor of South Carolina. Any issue brought up against Haley just does not stick. Though it goes against the “do it for team” mentality of party loyalty, reform minded conservatives and Republicans need to be concerned.

First, whatever Haley has done in her sex life might be entertaining to the media, but it is none of our business. Whatever she did or did not do is between Haley and her husband. As long as Haley does not leave the state and not tell anyone to have a tryst, it is no concern of ours.

Second, the charges about Haley paying taxes late is a weak one. There a lot of good people who pay their taxes late and have hard time paying their taxes at all. Such is to be expected in a society that is overtaxed.

However, the consulting fee of $42,000 that Haley took from an engineering company while a member of the State House strikes at the heart of what those who want government reform expect from a leader. Haley and the company say that she was paid not for being a member of the State House, but because of her community ties. Perhaps so. But, what better way to get community ties then to represent the community in the State House? Haley is a CPA. If she was paid for accounting services, that is her profession. But, the notion of “consulting” because of “community ties” is troubling.

People ought be able to use their experience and expertise in the marketplace to get paid what they are worth. But, a sitting member of the State House of Representatives who clamors for reform ought to have the sense not to do so while still in office. It is dumb at best, hypocritical at worst.

Haley’s “consulting fee” shows she is no reformer, but just another good ole gal. She is part of what is wrong in Columbia today. Far too many members of the General Assembly work for clients or businesses that deal with the state. Though they will cry otherwise, the simple rules of human nature show that someone who is paid well by some business has to at least be conflicted in their obligations to the people that they were elected to represent.

Such practices are why so many people see government as bought and paid for and are so frustrated with it. The irony is that the people who are frustrated rallied around Haley in the Republican primary as one of their own. They still believe that. They seem oblivious to the fact that Haley is just a good ole gal and that her idea of reform applies to everyone but her.


  1. You are just jealous that you are not having sex with her or making the money she makes. I bet you really voted for Obama and Pelosi.

  2. Yeh we KNOW how you Republicans dont like to delve into others sex lives


    I love the tax BS

    Lets NOBODY pay taxes

    Then how are you Republicans gonna give all that corporate welfare to help the rich get richer?


    Fight all these "wars" you love(as long as you dont have to serve of course)?

    Haley is a air head lying crooked nympho

    AND The next Governor of South Carolina!

    Sarah Palin forever!


  3. Nikki Haley is not a CPA!