Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haley takes thousands of dollars from attorneys

Nikki Haley and the South Carolina Republican Party operation have made a big deal about Democratic nominee Vincent Sheheen being an attorney. If you read their press releases or see their ads, you would think being an attorney was something evil.

If they think that, fair enough. But, like everything else with the Haley campaign, what you see is not what you get. In the latest campaign disclosure, Nikki Haley reported taking thousands of dollars from attorneys and law firms. In other words, while Haley is badmouthing attorneys she is cashing their checks to her. It is all there for the world to see at the SC Ethics Commission website.

Such is a just another aspect in a long line of deception. Haley claims to be for reform with legislators pay, yet took a big consulting fee got through her contacts. Haley claims to be for lower taxes, but wants to put back the sales tax on food. Haley claims to want to work with members of the General Assembly, but stated, to her staff's chagrin it was published, that she would burn any member that did not do her bidding. It goes on and on. Haley seems like the old Earl K. Long of Louisiana back in the 1940s. Long told his staff, "the truth is what I decide it to be. " Long was at the head of a cult of personality.

Haley is not a conservative. She is not a Republican. She is the leader of a cult of personality that hijacked the GOP nomination and frankly, logic will not turn her followers. No matter what evidence of any lies or wrongdoing is presented, her followers will walk lockstep. And, those of us who dare question her will be called all sorts of names. Haley has done a remarkable sales job.

No wonder the folks from "As Seen on TV" gave Haley a contribution.


  1. She sure can sling a sound-byte, though. I'm sure she fooled lots of folks with her insistence that Lexington 1 schools were like 'private schools' and that 4 year old pre-K could and should be delivered by 'faith based organizations.' Good grief!

  2. A fool can always use her tactics to fool others.

    Dear Jabez, she wasn't even vetted by her own party because they didn't think she'd win.