Friday, October 22, 2010

Haley’s coattails get shorter and no endorsement

Back in the summer, there was talk that Republican nominee Nikki Haley could get nearly two thirds of the vote in the Fall campaign and lead Republicans to an incredible sweep. As the summer turned to the Fall, the Teflon nature of Haley and the ineptness of the Sheheen campaign made such a scenario more likely.

But, as the leaves are turning, so is the race for Governor. While there still seems little chance that Sheheen will defeat Haley, Haley’s numbers have dipped below 50 percent for the first time since June. Haley and Sheeheen are within single digits of one another. Haley is going to have to depend upon the anti Obama effect to get elected.

There is good reason for that. No Republican nominee in the history of South Carolina politics has ever had the scandalous baggage that Haley has. Believe it or not. Like it or not. It is what it is. And, it is hurting the Haley campaign and the Republican Party.

It will also hurt the Haley Administration. Haley’s reputation for laziness is actually the most appealing negative aspect for legislators. Some are chomping at the bit to dominate state government with four more years of a Governor who does not know how to get things done, who will not work to get things done and whose greatest accomplishment will be lighting the state Christmas Tree. The more that Vincent Sheheen chips away at the margin, the more Bobby Harrell and Glenn McConnell run this state.

That is the reality of politics in South Caroilna. It is not about party as most voters think. Most folks think that voting for Haley is a voting for Republicans and against Obama. It is not. It is voting for a cult of personality that somehow hijacked the nomination. It is cult of personality that is really scary on some level. Affidavits, reports, official fines and liens and what not, all are ignored. Those who dare to point such out are called racists, evil, RINOs, whatever. Those who think for themselves and dare to tell what they see as the truth are called all sorts of names. Indeed, the Haley campaign makes sure to make people out as villains if they do not support her lockstep. Where in history has that happened before?

As such, as the numbers are closing, know that is possible to oppose the President and his politics and oppose someone like Nikki Haley being Governor. Though the Sheheen campaign would never have the guts to say it, Haley is more like Obama than Sheheen is like Obama. She is a rock star with a flimsy record who can do no wrong no matter what is brought up. Sheheen, on the other hand, is a pro-life Democrat who is about as much in President Obama’s pocket as Newt Gingrich is.

VUI is making no endorsement in the Governor’s race. We can’t support Haley, despite being conservative, because, well, Haley is not a conservative and in the end she will embarrass this state. We said the same about Sanford and were laughed at until Argentina. And as for reform, well, with her big consulting fees, trusting Haley to actually reform state government is like trusting the fox to guard the hen house. We will not endorse Sheheen, but we will say any Republican that votes for Sheheen is not voting for Obama or Pelosi. They will be voting for a conservative South Carolina Democrat who might just make the legislators work for their paychecks and has the family life, values, and work ethic that will not embarrass South Carolina. There is no shame in voting for Sheheen.


  1. I agree! If most Conservative voters actually took the time to look at Vincent Sheheen's record, they would see that he has supported many things which they would agree with! Such as allowing religious groups the same rights in schools as other groups. Nikki Haley will only embarrass our state. She already has.

  2. I misjudged you. You are indeed an honest man. Too bad that ruins your political career.